What Have You Done for YOU Lately?

While the big things that we do in life can make a difference, what really colors the way we feel about our habits and our lives is what we do every day.  In essence, it’s our habits that create our perceptions, and if you’re in the habit of denying yourself on a regular basis, chances are you’re feeling lack in your life.

Regardless of your budget, there are ways you can indulge yourself and your style that will help to nourish your spirit and feed your soul.   This isn’t about spending money you don’ t have to buy something you don’t really need.  This practice is about listening to what it is that fulfills you on an emotional level so that you can come from a place of abundance.

The best things in life truly are not things, but experiences.  Our society has attached such a great value to the price tag of objects, but it’s those things that in the long run leave us hungry for more.  Instead, find something that really supports your life, and helps you to feel indulged and you may find yourself far less eager to buy something unnecessary on impulse.  Being frugal may mean that you’re giving up some material things, but it can also mean that you find abundance in your life in other ways.

But where to start? If it’s been so long since you’ve taken time out just for yourself you don’t even know where to begin, here are a few suggestions to get you started. But don’t just stick to my list, take these and run wild!

Have your makeup updated for the new season

Try new colors, techniques and products. Choose an afternoon where you have time to relax and indulge yourself so you’re not feeling rushed and ask for the works. Take note of application techniques and ask questions. Then buy only those products you know you’ll really use.

Reassess your lingerie

Do you still have bras from ten years ago? Ditch ‘em and take yourself for a bra fitting. Most lingerie boutiques and many department stores have knowledgable sales people who can help and make recommendations just for you. But don’t stop with bras. Take stock of your panties and give shapewear a try. Along with another year come new bumps and bulges. Shapewear can help smooth these out and have you looking slimmer and trimmer than ever!

Have a fit

Do you have pants that drag the ground? Skirts that graze mid-calf? Jackets that are just enough too long that they make you look shorter? Then go through your closet and have those items that need alterations taken to the tailor. It’s amazing what alterations can do to boost your image and help your clothes fit like a glove.

Adorn Yourself

Are you afraid of wearing accessories or don’t know where to start? Well it’s time you became in the know! Jewelry, scarves, handbags, hats and shoes are the quickest (and most fun!) way to update your look and create a polished image. Start small and create a “signature” item: if you find you really love bracelets then start a collection and wear several at once. If you love handcrafted earrings then build your outfits around them. You’ll create your own unique style in the process.

Don’t Lose Weight

Yes, you read that right! No matter what your weight, you’re beautiful right now! What, you can’t see it because you’re hiding behind that muu muu? Well it’s high time you packed those baggy sacks away and put on clothes that show YOU off. Focus on your best assets (your eyes, your legs, your hair, your smile!) and the rest will just melt into the background. Don’t forget accessories, but most importantly, wear your confidence – you are gorgeous! Don’t be surprised if you get asked, “have you lost weight?’ Simply smile and relish the attention!

Make a date with yourself

When’s the last time you put YOU on your schedule or your to-do list? I want you to schedule some time just for you this week. On your calendar, in pen. It could be an afternoon of shopping or just browsing, a trip to the spa, or just some time spent at the bookstore reading magazines. My point is that you don’t have to spend any money but you do need to take some time for you.

Start a style journal

Write down ideas for outfits, paste in pictures of things you think are very YOU, record any drawings of details or accessories you’d like to look for. Take some time to think about your personal style and reflect on how it’s changed over the years. What common elements do you see? Do you feel your style needs an update? If so, what could you quickly and easily change that would give you a boost?

Pretend you’re a tourist

Dress up and wear your nicest dress, that hat you’ve been saving or that expensive blouse out on a lunch date with your girlfriend, your man or even yourself. You don’t have to be in New York or Paris to dress like it! Wear things in a way you wouldn’t normally in your home town. Book a reservation at that little bistro you’ve been wanting to try. Sip champagne or have a cappuccino. Take the rest of the day off for sightseeing and shopping. Stop for tea and a pastry. Take pictures and see things in a new way. You’ll go home with a fresh perspective and an appreciation for being right where you are.

Have a spa party

Invite your girlfriends over or just pow-wow with your daughter. Have a special snack and do nails, tweeze brows, brush hair, play with makeup and give massages. It’s a nice “girls’ night in” and a great way to catch up on some personal grooming.

Play with color

If you have a closet filled with black, try experimenting with color. Wear your best colors around your face and see what kind of effect they have on your appearance and your attitude. Have your personal coloring assessed so you can know for certain which blue is your very best and find the right yellow for YOU.

What could you do this week to make yourself feel special?

How would this affect other aspects of you r life?

What would it take to indulge yourself on a regular basis?

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