5 Secrets to Dressing Like a French Woman

French women possess that je nais se quoi – that certain something that just feels, well, right when it comes to getting dressed.  It’s something that appears effortless, yet elegant, and always in style!  Their look is memorable, without standing out for the wrong reasons.  You just know that they look beautiful!

What do the French know that we don’t?  They know themselves!  They know what their style is and how to dress in a way that’s appropriate for their age and for who they are.  They know what cuts work for them and never try to wear anything that isn’t them.  Because of this, they exude a confidence that is unmistakable.  Much like our clients at StyleFinder Boutique.   

Now, I’m not French but I do possess a love for French culture and have discovered that a well-dressed woman in any part of the world can take a few cues from French women to elevate their style to new heights.  Lean in for secrets you can apply to your own style to take it to new heights!

Secret 1/ French women are never overdone.

Always keeping things simple, French women choose quality over quantity and let a few great pieces work together to create an elegant, understated look that is timeless without being boring.  A beautiful top, the perfect pair of jeans, a gorgeous scarf, a timeless trench coat, chic flats…and voila!  Easy, elegant and effortless.

Secret 2/ French women invest in their wardrobe.

Not afraid to spend money on clothing, French women carefully cultivate their wardrobe, investing in wardrobe building blocks that work as the foundation for endless outfits.  They choose well-made items that are the best they can afford and will last for years to come.  In the end, they spend much less money than other women who neglect to have a plan and simply buy only on sale, but never seem to get the right piece.

Secret 3/ French women know fit is key.

A French woman goes for the well-fitting garment every single time, knowing it will make her look pounds thinner and feel amazing.  Never one to get hung up on size, she chooses the cut that flatters her figure best and is comfortable to wear.  If she needs to have it altered, she calls her trusted tailor.

Secret 4/ French women take time to build their wardrobe.

French women spend time seeking out the perfect items that will create wardrobe capsules, ensuring they always have multiple outfit options and getting more mileage from what they already have.  They avoid the trap of buying single items on impulse unless they know for sure that they can create at least 3 outfits with it.  Their closet is a source of pride for them, rather than frustration and desperation.

Secret 5/ French women take the time to know their style.

Style is important to French women, and each one delights in expressing her individuality.  From an early age, French women are taught to discover their own style and find what works for them.  One they do, they rock it with all the confidence in the world, never giving a care to whether others are staring because their style is off.  Just a knowing that what they are wearing is just right for them!

Want to rock your style like French woman?  Our Stylista’s can help!  These 5 secrets are what we at StyleFinder already know, practice and teach our clients.  Come on in to StyleFinder Boutique and experience your style like a French woman and see how beautiful you can feel!  

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