5 Ways NOT to Look Matronly

Age can sneak up on you bringing with it new challenges.  A fuller bust.  A wider waist.  A sallow complexion. Graying hair.  Yikes!  The bad news is that you can’t continue to dress the way you always have.  You run the risk of looking matronly, stodgy and frumpy.

The good news is that, when you work with what you have, rather than against it, you can look gorgeous at every age and every stage!  Here’s how to rock it:

1/ Your Crowning Glory – 
Your hair frames your face and plays a huge part in your appearance. Whether you choose to go with the gray or color your hair, never let your roots show!  Root spray can be your new BFF.  Keep your hair cut in an easy-to-wear style that is up to date and makes you look gorgeous!  Break up with your stylist, if necessary, and try the referral of someone whose hair you adore.

2/ Embrace ‘the Girls’ – 
Chances are your bustline has expanded or changed.  And with it so should your wardrobe options.  First, get a great-fitting bra (might be time for a fitting), then opt for looser fitting v-neck tops that skim the body.  Avoid short sleeves and opt for a 3/4 sleeve instead.

3/ Beware the Baggies – 
Choose a looser top but steer clear of baggy pants.  They will make you look frumpy and bigger than you are.  Instead, create balance with a pair of slim-fitting modern fit pants to look slimmer and up to date.  Run away from cropped pants that hit you at the widest point of your calf and choose a pair that make you look long and lean.

4/ Kiss and Make Up – 
Have a makeover!  If it’s been years since you’ve changed your lipstick or eyeshadow color, now is the time to have a professional show you a few tweaks or give you a whole new look!  Making a few small adjustments can bring back that rosy glow and have you looking your gorgeous best!

5/ Shoe In – 
Shoes punctuate your look, and while I’m all about comfort, you don’t want to look like you’ve given up.  Choose shoes that combine function with fashion and help you to feel put-together.  They make all the difference.

Need help finding what’s right for you, right now?  Come by StyleFinder Boutique and let our Stylista’s assist you in looking beautiful at every age!  Or consider a style package to take it to a deeper level.  Call 919-454-3068 for more information.

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