5 Ways to Mask a Muffin Top

Now that the weather is warmer it’s time to peel back the layers.  No more hiding behind bulky sweaters and jackets.  But wearing clothing that’s a little more spare can leave you feeling self-conscious about a muffin top.  Help!

Here are my 5 best styling tricks to mask a muffin top and leave you feeling confident, relaxed and sexy!

1/ Go High – 

Wearing pants, jeans or skirts with a waist that is cut a little higher can smooth out a muffin top and leave you looking sleek and chic.  Avoid styles that ride low and cut you off at the wrong place.  This just amplifies a muffin top, and is downright uncomfortable.  If it’s too tight around the waist, don’t wear it.

2/ Pull It On – 

A pair of pull on jeans or pants can do the trick to smooth out your muffins and visually take off pounds.  Bonus points for the flat front that eliminates lumps, bumps and bulges under your top.

3/ Cling Free – 

Skip the skimpy, show-everything knits that cling to you like Saran wrap.  Instead, opt for tops and tunics in a fabric that gently skims the body without grabbing.  A blouse in a fabric that has a little structure to it will glide right over your midriff, creating a smooth look. A tunic or top in an ITY knit falls beautifully to show your figure without exposing anything you’d rather keep under wraps.

4/ Cover Up – 

Wearing a fitted top or tee might be out of the question if you’re trying to cover a muffin top, but add in a longer cardigan or jacket and you’ve got instant camouflage!

5/ The Long and Short of It – 

Wearing a longer tunic over a pair of skinny pants plays with proportion and leaves you looking slim and sleek, especially if your legs are one of your best features.

Looking your best starts with dressing the body you have right now!  Wear the clothes that fit and flatter you best and you’ll not only look pounds thinner, you’ll look amazing!

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