What You Need to Know About Spring’s Best Colors

The colors for Spring 2016 are truly outstanding this year. A colorful combination that blends brights with pastels a neutrals, spring’s palette offers something for everyone. However, don’t get crazy and think that any one person is going to look great in ALL these colors. Instead choose the hues that work for you and not against you. I want to02-pantone-fashion-color-report-2016-spring-summer help you make wearing color one of the easiest things you do this season – and far beyond!

When noticing the colors, take note that some tones are warm and some are cool. This season’s palette is a delicate balance for pastels, neutrals and bolder hues, lending itself to some wonderful combinations!

lipsWhat’s beautiful about mauves and corals is that they are enhancing to your skin.  Instead of reaching for black and white, which can be very harsh and unflattering, temper your black with blush.  It will bring a warm glow to your face and soften the effects of black to make you look radiant and vibrant!  Who knew?  And of course, it’s a wonderful shade for your lipstick and blush!

Serenity is a soft blue that is quite pretty on a cooler skintone.  If this is not one of your best hues, then simply find a similar shade that is right for you.  Vintage blue, cadet blue, sapphire, cobalt or Carolina blue all fall into this realm and will look gorgeous when you choose one that lights you up!

Mood Indigo


This spring, the color that’s on everyone’s list is blue! Is it on yours? Serenity, Snorkel and the blue-green Limpet Shell are all versatile hues that can enliven your wardrobe in a multitude of ways.

  • Swap for black – When wearing white or cream, try pairing it with one of these blues for a fresh approach that is timeless and softer than black and white.
  • Head to toe – Wearing blue head to toe will light you up while making you look long and lean. Choose a top and pants in a similar hue to create a column of color. Then top with a jacket in a contrasting color to create depth. Simple yet sophisticated.
  • Pop of color – Try brightening your basics with a pair of chic shoes or a statement handbag in blue and get ready to turn heads!
  • Black and Blue – If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Pair your blue with black for a modern, fresh approach that puts all eyes on you for all the right reasons!

Create Your Own Color Capsule

Choose your color palette for the season. Begin with 2 neutrals and 3 medium to bright tones. From here you can create your color capsule that will guide you through the season. Start with a few colors that are already in your wardrobe, then blend in a few of the hot colors of the season. By mixing these, you’ll build on what you already have, while giving it a nice update and helping you to look right on trend.

Need help discovering the colors that look best on you?  Schedule a StyleFinder 101 Session with Mary Michele (in person or virtual) and get ready to rock your style with color!  Call 919-454-3068 to book your appointment.