9 Style Goals for 2019

The new year is upon us and this is our first full week of January.  While I’m not much of a resolutions girl, I am all about setting goals.

Resolutions, often, come out as our ‘shoulds’.  As in ‘I should lose 5 pounds…’, ‘ I should give up wine…’, etc.  They come from a place of guilt and scarcity, rather than a place of desire and abundance.  And what that means is they’re almost never fun, enjoyable or lasting.  Usually by February you’ve forgotten what your resolutions were that sounded so good on New Year’s Day and are back to your old habits, stat.

But goals are something completely different.  They’re something you get excited about, that make you feel happy, that you want to strive towards.  They’re something that can take you a day, a week or even an entire year to reach and you still feel successful.  They’re something you want to do, that you know will make you happier and make your life better. Now, where to start…

Here are my top 9 Style Goals for 2019.  Take what works for you!

1/ Clean out your closet – When you get rid of what’s bringing you down and start from a clean slate it’s calming, and will bring clarity when you get dressed in the morning.

2/ Buy only what you LOVE – Never settle for so-so.  You deserve to wear only clothing that makes you feel fabulous!  A good sign is that you want to leave the store wearing it.

3/ Get a great fitting pair of jeans – Ditch the tired, baggy jeans and get a pair that make you look like a rock star!

4/ Don’t wait – Your life is now.  Why wait to lose weight to buy new clothes, work with a style coach, dress well, etc?  When you put off looking good, you send the message that you’re not good enough.  And that, my dear, is simply not true!

5/ Change something up – Is it time for a new hairstyle?  Do you want to try wearing skinny pants?  Do you want to incorporate more layers?  Whatever it is, wear something in a new and different way and see how it can boost your style.

6/ Express yourself – Let 2019 be the year you really show your true self to the world.  What have you been holding back on?  Maybe it’s time to bring out that heirloom jewelry, your coveted Hermes scarf, shoes that really speak to who you are.  Let your style tell your story.

7/ Find your new black – Say what??  Yes, it’s time to start wearing a new neutral.  I’m not telling you to forget black altogether, but when you can find a new neutral that works in harmony with your personal coloring (i.e. your haircolor) it will shift your entire appearance and make you look years younger!

8/ Wear more color – If you’ve been afraid to wear color, start incorporating a little color into your wardrobe.  Start small, adding in a simple scarf, top or accessory.  Then work your way up to wearing bold pants, a bright jacket or even shoes in a bold hue!

9/ Uplevel – Is this the year you’re stepping out in a big way?  Let your image follow suit.  Dress for who you want to be and watch as the magic happens.

There you have it.  Take one, two or a few of these and run with them. Use this list of stye goals and make it your own.  Take what works, make up some new ones and get excited about embracing change.See where this takes you in your style journey, and as you master one, go back and find another one you want to tackle.  Mastering your style isn’t about doing it in one fell swoop. It’s about taking baby steps, one after the next, that add up to create something that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Oh, and keep me posted!  I want to hear about your journey and I’ll be sharing more of mine!  Thanks for being here with me.  We’re all in this together!

Wishing you all the best in 2019! Xoxox

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