Are You Getting Dressed in the Dark?

both physically and personally, then you’re halfway to looking great already. Many wardrobe mistakes and misalignments occur when we ignore our current situation and still think of ourselves as we did 5, 10 or more years ago. Get current with yourself and you’ll get current with your wardrobe.

2/ Be Honest – Now that you know who you are, do you know how to dress for it? Look closely and notice if you’re wearing something that, perhaps, you ought not wear. Is your top bursting at the buttons, your pants splitting at the seams? Perhaps you just need some shapewear to smooth out the lumps and bumps under your dress. Whatever it is, take note, but be kind to yourself. You’re your best asset!

3/ Take Stock – If your last shopping trip dates back to when the kids were in middle school, or if you can’t remember the last time your wardrobe got a boost, then this step will help you uncover some real reasons why you’re not feeling fabulous when you get dressed. Give yourself a judicious closet audit (or hire a Stylista) and get clear on what’s in your wardrobe – and why! You want to have items in there that make you feel great, not those things that you feel you ‘should’ have, or clothes you haven’t worn in 10 years but you just can’t bear to part with. Ladies, when you go to your closet, it should be filled with items that you love, or help to create outfits that you love. Anything else is just filler and will lead you on a fast path to frustration if not remedied. Remember, having more clothes does not always equal having plenty that you want to wear.

4/ Shop ’til You Drop – Now it’s time to go shopping, but not just for anything.  You want to bring in only items that will fill in the gaps, work with what you already have, and will ensure that you always have something to wear.  Buying the right clothes is the most important aspect of shopping, and knowing that you can trust those who are offering wardrobe advice is key to getting what you need.  After all, you don’t want to add to the problem, you want to eliminate it altogether!

Want to experience shopping in a whole new way?  Simply stop by StyleFinder Boutique or call for an appointment and one of our trained Stylista’s will be happy to assist you!  919-454-3068.  It’s style, made simple. 

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