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You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in helping women who are going through changes from maternity to menopause and everything in between! Our staff has been trained in our Styista™ Training Program so that they can assist you in helping you discover exactly what’s right for you, right now! Whether you’re carrying a few extra pounds or have lost 50, our team can guide you to clothing that plays up your assets and makes you look and feel like a million bucks!
Essentially, no. Your coloring will stay the same whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. However, you may want to wear lighter, brighter colors in the spring and summer and deeper, richer colors in the fall and winter
This is a great question and there are many reasons why. First, you and your friend are probably built very differently. She may be a pear and you may be an apple. The same styles will almost never work on both these body types. Next, your coloring may be very different. She may be a warm blonde while you’re a cool blonde. But most of all, your styles may be very different. If she’s Contemporary and you’re Natural, you’re never going to feel at ease in the same clothing. Instead of looking to your stylish friend for advice, find a style coach, or a stylista who can guide you to explore your very own style and find what’s right for you! Our StyleFinder ID® System can help you to discover exactly what your style is and help you to express yourself uniquely, instead of comparing yourself to anyone else.
Yes! If you’ve ever bought something and, once you got it home felt like it wasn’t really ‘you’, then you know what it’s like NOT to know your style. Once you know what your style truly is, then you can build a wardrobe that’s perfect for you, and easily spot something that you know will be a great fit. Our StyleFinder ID® System can help you to discover exactly what your style is and help you to know what’s right as well as what to steer clear of!
At StyleFinder Boutique, we pride ourselves on helping you to discover exactly what’s right for you! Our Stylistas have been trained in our Stylista training program to guide you to styles that flatter your body type, enhance your personal coloring and express your true style. The result? You look gorgeous, while feeling more like yourself! Your style becomes effortless. And you can begin to cultivate a unique style that’s all you, no matter what your style is!
You are already beautiful and we can help you to see it for yourself! While we don’t believe anyone needs to be ‘fixed’, sometimes it can feel that way. Our Stylista’s know how it feels to lose touch with your style and they take great pleasure in helping you rediscover who you truly are through your clothing! We work hard to help you find an outfit – or an entire wardrobe – that fits, flatters and makes you feel fabulous! In fact, we take great delight when a client walks out the door telling us how beautiful we made her feel! Let us help YOU feel beautiful today!
Um, yes you can. As a master style coach, I used to think that women with curves (aka hips) couldn’t wear skinny jeans or pants. However, I’ve seen the light. It’s called the ‘modern fit pant’ and we’ve seen many times over how amazing and slimming it can make you look, no matter what your shape and size. It all depends on what you wear them with. Leave it to us to help you put together an outfit that creates balance and makes you look amazing! Who knew?

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