Beat the Heat without Losing Your Chic!

As summer inches a little closer and the weather gets warmer, it can be tempting to just give up on looking chic for fear of looking rumpled, sweaty or just a hot mess!  Don’t despair.  With these simple tips you’ll be rocking your style like a boss while staying cool as a cucumber!

1/ Lighten Up  

It goes without saying that wearing lighter weight clothing will help you to beat the heat.  But what about your jewelry?  Ditch your heavy, clunky pieces and instead choose floaty, airy or delicate pieces that keep you cool without weighing you down or making you break a sweat.

2/ Footloose and Fancy Free – 

Instead of opting for fitting clothing that can keep the heat in, choose tops, dresses and skirts that are loose and easy-fitting.  These will allow air to circulate, and will be much more comfortable to boot.

3/ Arms Length – 

There are times, even in the heat of the summer, that you want or need to cover your arms.  But wearing the same old heavy sweaters or jackets just won’t do.  Choose a lightweight kimono, a floaty cardigan or an open weave jacket to keep air flowing without compromising your comfort.

4/ Open Up –

If you’re still wearing the same old heavy, closed-toe shoes then it’s time to let your feet see the light of day.  Choose open sandals or wedges, canvas sneaker or slip-ons, or even flats that have grommets or other open design to let your feet breathe and keep you cool.

5/ Crop It – 

Swap your full-length trousers or pants for an ankle or cropped length.  Your look will be visually lighter while taking a few degrees off your body temperature.  If you choose cropped pants, be sure they do NOT hit at the widest point of your calf – higher or lower will be most slimming, elongating and flattering.

Other tips to consider: Think about changing your hairstyle to add in layers and take out bulk or learn a new way to style your hair that works with the heat and humidity, not against it.  Have your makeup re-done for summer with lighter products that give you a summer glow without clogging pores and bringing you down.  Changing your makeup colors is also key – opt for lighter or brighter shades and ditch the dark colors and heavy foundation.

Let this be your summer to shine!
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