Beat the Summer Blah’s

The dog days of summer are here and when the heat index is hovering around 100, it’s hard to feel that your style is on point.  Yet, walking around naked isn’t really an option, is it?

Beating the summer blah’s starts with shifting your mindset.  Instead of thinking about how you have to get dressed and pull on the same ‘ol same ‘ol, think about how you get to get dressed, wearing things that you LOVE!

This time of year, the freshness factor in your closet brings a huge boost to your mood and your confidence.  Try these tips to bring on the style:

1/ Bring On the Neutrals – While neutrals may seem boring, try mixing  pale neutrals and metallics for an understated, yet sophisticated spin.  Nudes and neutrals are timeless, yet up to the minute and go from work to play in an instant.

2/ Dress it Up – Dresses are meant for this time of year, but don’t have to be super dressy.  Wear your favorite with a great pair of sandals and call it a day.  Compliments will fly, but you’ll just smile to yourself knowing how simple this style move was!

3/ Mix it Up – Instead of wearing your same old pants with the same old top, mix it up!  Ask yourself, ‘what’s unexpected?’ and rock something you’ve never worn together before.  You’ll feel like a fashion blogger, while wondering why you’ve never done this before!

4/ Color Crush – Mixing colors in new ways can bring on a whole new appreciation for the color wheel.  Coral with navy?  Yes, please!  Turquoise with olive?  Certainly!  Pink with yellow?  Hello!  You’ve just catapulted yourself right into fall!

5/ The Secret Power of Accessories – Try wearing the same outfit you’ve always worn together, but put on different shoes, different jewelry, a different handbag, and see what happens!  Accessories can take your look to a new level and create a completely different feel!  You’ll be amazed at how fast your stripes go from preppy chic to French sophisticate!

Our Stylista’s are trained in our proprietary StyleFinder ID® system to help you get exactly what is right for you!  Sometimes we can spot it a mile away!  Sometimes it takes some trial and error.  But we’ll push you out of your comfort zone and challenge the notion that “I can’t wear that”!

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