Beyond the Little Black Dress

Many women want to fit in and play it safe when it comes to wearing a dress.  They’re not in their comfort zone, and they often opt for their ‘shoulds’.  But what I’ve found is that when women know what looks great on them, they’re much more likely to step away from the pack and be daring.  Opting for bold, bright colors in styles that flatter their figure, and they look like a million bucks!  Yet finding what looks good (and knowing why) can be the tricky part.  Don’t worry.  I’m willing to share a few of these tricks with you:

  • Wear a dresses in your eye color will look fabulous on you and make you shine! If you have sea-green eyes, a beautiful sea-green or aqua dress will make you look amazing.
  • A lacy dress in your skintone (whether it’s ivory, mocha or black) will enhance your skin tone and look dazzling!
  • If you know a color looks fabulous on you (based on compliments and how you feel when you wear it), rock it with confidence!
  • If a red dress makes you feel daring and sexy, then why play it safe? Find the sexiest red dress you can and wear it with confidence to match.
  • If you must don your LBD, then jazz it up with your accessories.  Wear jewelry that brings light to the face and that makes you sparkle!  It will give you a glow from within and offset any ill-effects from wearing black.
  • Don’t wear black shoes!  Black on black can be pretty boring, so have a little fun with it.  Metallics are a wonderful way to take your look to new heights, or a pop of color can be just what you need!
  • Amp up your makeup.  When wearing black, be sure you’re wearing plenty of color on your lips and cheeks to avoid looking washed out.

Don’t get me wrong – wearing black is not all bad.  I just want you to wear it with intention.  It’s so easy to wear it by default, and not have to think about color.  But when you do, look out!  And when you want to dress to impress, go for broke and wear the colors and styles that will make you stand out in the crowd.  You’re beautiful – now go flaunt it!

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