The temperatures outside have begun heating up and you head to your closet looking for something cool to wear.  But…yikes!  Nothing fits!

When your clothing is too tight, it doesn’t do a lot for your confidence.  However, reaching for your stretchy pants and baggy shirt won’t do much for it either.  The solution?  Choose styles that will keep you cool without adding pounds to your look.

It can be a bummer when your fave clothes no longer fit, but don’t be too hard on yourself.  Sometimes life gets in the way and have to adjust your wardrobe to match.  Embrace your new shape and dress for it, because you deserve to look great no matter what size you are!  Don’t give up and throw in the towel – take some time out to find clothes that work for you (and not against you!)  It can be easier than you think.

The good news? The key to staying cool in summer is to wear clothing that gently skims the body without being tight.  It just so happens that this is the exact same tactic to use when you want to look your best!  Things are looking good!  Now here are a few other recommendations to have you looking your best all summer long!

1/ A-line dresses – This style dress is perfect for camouflaging a few extra pounds because it’s fitted through the bodice and gently flares out at waist, easing gently over hips and thighs.  Choose a mid to dark tone and make sure to wear slimming briefs or boyshorts to smooth out any lumps, bumps and bulges.  Dress it up, dress it down, you’ll want to wear this style dress everywhere!

2/ Tunics – Long and lean, a well-fitting tunic will skim the body while covering up any unwanted pounds.  Pair with skinny pants and be sure your bum is covered.  Tunics come in all shapes and styles, so choose one that makes you feel amazing!

3/ Lightweight cardigan – If you’re feeling that your shirts show too much back fat or you aren’t happy with your arms, add a lightweight cardigan in a floaty gauze or one with perforations or an open-weave.  You’ll gain coverage while having built in air-conditioning.

4/ Pull-on pants – Wearing pants that pull-on can serve dual purposes.  First, they are comfortable and can help to eliminate a muffin top while looking polished. Second, the flat front gives you a smooth look under tunics and longer tops, creating a slimming effect that visually takes off pounds.

5/ Patterns and Prints – While it can seem counterintuitive, wearing prints – the right prints, that is – can actually be very slimming!  When you wear prints that are in proportion with your stature, they can make you look pounds thinner. Find the right print and see what a difference it can make!

Don’t let a few extra pounds ruin your summer!  Simply adjust your wardrobe and add in a few of these suggestions.  Then get back to traveling, time with friends and family, and everything else that you enjoy during the summer and make some memories!

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