When I was growing up I learned a lot from my Dad.  He was an ambitious and successful entrepreneur and I enjoyed working with him in his insurance business as a teen.  I learned so much from him, but one piece of advice really stuck with me.  And it had to do with fashion!

As a business man, my Dad came to learn one thing.  That how you present yourself can mean the difference between being successful and failing.  He learned this firsthand as he set out to carve his path.  He was always a hard worker, but he possessed a drive that made him stand out.  My mom tells the story of him making his first calls to potential clients in their homes.  He would show up in his 1 pair of wingtips that had been worn so thin there were actually holes in the bottoms.  But he never let anyone know this, and he put his best foot forward, literally.  His tactic?  Put yourself together, or, in his words, dress to impress.  They’ll never notice the holey shoes.  And he was right!  His business began to flourish, and he bought himself plenty of size 15 wingtips!

Dress to impress.  He would use this phrase over and over when I was in high school, and used it whenever we asked what we should wear.  When in doubt, dress to impress.  As a Dramatic who likes to stand out, that resonated with me and I took it to heart. It became a mantra of sorts, and was applicable in all situations.

Why dress to impress?  Well, why not?  Being underdressed is, in my opinion, an epidemic in our society, but when you dress to impress, you’ll never fall short.

But dressing to impress, to me, is about so much more than just wearing something to wow other people.  It’s about being your best self!  When you dress to impress, you’re being your very best you – something that few people push themselves to do these days.

Dressing to impress means that you stand out for all the right reasons.  In business it can boost your credibility and open doors.  In social situations, you’ll stand out and attract your ideal friends/clients/partners because you don’t look like everyone else.  In life it can help you to be the most full expression of who you are, taking risks and trying new things that you wouldn’t normally do.  I know when I take the time to dress to impress, I feel more ME.  I feel liberated to be myself, and be all of who I am.  I’m a little nicer, I engage with people more, I let compliments fly (and I mean them, of course), I want to see and be seen.  And something magical always seems to happen!

To me, dressing to impress means wearing one more piece of jewelry than usual, wearing something that elevates my image and my mood, wearing something that makes me feel effortlessly elegant.  It’s about standing out for all the right reasons, not simply going over the top for shock value.  It’s about being true to who you are.  And don’t we all need a little more of that in our lives?

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