How to Build the Perfect Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

How to Build the Perfect Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

Wardrobe building doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. You probably have most of what you need to build the perfect wardrobe hanging in your closet or stuff in your drawers. Following these steps will go a long way to having a wardrobe you will love to wear and take the stress out of getting dressed.

Step 1: Check your Core Items

  • Foundation items: neutral clothing, such as dark wash jeans, a white blouse, tan sweater, or black flats

Step 2: Assess your Accent Pieces

  • Unique items to express your own style, such as printed top, red jeans, or a teal jacket

Step 3: Amp Up Your Style with Accessories

  • Bust out the FUN and let your personality radiate. Pick accessories that show off who you are, maybe a statement necklace or simple strand of pearls

Core Items

To start, you want to bring in items that are going to be your foundation – your core items.  These items are going to be the backbone to build your perfect wardrobe. Having the right core items will ensure that you always have something to help you look and feel fabulous.

Types of Core Items

Least memorable

They are in simple, subtle shades that don’t stand out.  In fact, you could wear the same item a few days in a row and no one would even notice.

Most neutral

They go with just about anything in your closet and therefore are the starting point for many outfits.


You can dress them up or dress them down and get many different looks depending on what you put with your core items.


    •   Dark wash denim
    •   Khaki trousers
    •   Black pants
    •   Espresso suit
    •   Ivory cardigan
    •   White blouse
    •   Black flats
    •   Little Black dress
    •   Tan sweater
    •   Navy capris
    •   Olive trench coat
    •   Taupe skirt
  •   Nude pumps


Core Items = Investment Items

Buy the Best You Can Afford!


When shopping to build your perfect wardrobe look for core items such as:


Something that won’t look dated in 5 years


The less detail the more versatile it will be

Best Fitting

You want to achieve the best fit you can get, whether off the rack or from a tailor


Buy only items that you WANT to wear day after day and feel great in


It goes with many items you already own

Accent Items

Core items are fabulous and essential to build your perfect wardrobe, however, accent items are what keeps it unique and interesting.  This is where you get to express your personality and put your own stamp on your style with color, texture, and pattern. Therefore, accent items are key to your wardrobe because without them your look would be pretty boring.

Types of Accent items

More memorable

They are in your best accent colors (brights, pastels and medium tones) and because of this are easily remembered. Because they’re more memorable, you’ll wear them less.  After all, you don’t want anyone to think you’re not doing your laundry!

Not as versatile

Unlike core items, accent items can’t be worn with just anything in your closet.  However, to get the most bang for your buck you should be able to create more than 3 outfits with each accent item.

Stand out

Because they are in more memorable colors, they stand out for all the right reasons.  Above all, you can be sure you’ll be noticed as the woman in the red dress, the leopard trench coat or the teal top when you wear them.


When shopping to build your perfect wardrobe look for accent items that are:

On trend

Accent items are where you can try out a few of the season’s hottest trends, whether it’s color, a certain look or a cut that is of the moment.


Choose accent items that are going to add the right amount of punch to your look. Make sure to avoid anything boring or just so-so and go for items with impact.

Age appropriate

Just because you’re dipping your toe into the trends does not mean that you throw caution to the wind.  Opt only for the trends and styles that flatter you best for your age, as well as body type. If you’re not sure, avoid it.


Accent items are where I encourage my clients to spend less, yet get more bang for their buck.  You can add in a fun, chic top in a bright pattern or color for less than $50 and, when done right, the look you create will appear much more than what you actually spent.

Perfect for You

You want accent items that make you feel more like you.  Choose items that highlight your personal coloring, flatter your figure and highlight your assets.  Don’t ever buy something just because it’s on sale or your friends are all wearing it.


  •   Printed top
  •   Red jeans
  •   Teal jacket
  •   Striped top
  •   Leopard print trench coat
  •   Snakeskin print skirt
  •   Floral dress
  •   Color blocked skirt
  •   Gold lace skirt
  •   Teal jacket
  •   Coral suit
  •   Tie-dyed blouse
  •   Lavender chiffon sundress
  •   Polka dot skirt
  •   Ikat print pants


Accessories are the fun part to building your perfect wardrobe and the icing on the cake.  They’re where you really get to have fun with a look and inject a bit of your own personality into the mix.  But more than just a fun way to highlight your look, accessories are important. They provide the finishing touch. 

Much like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, they help set the tone.  Best of all, they can transform an outfit from casual to dressy and back at the drop of a hat (literally!).  What if you really didn’t need a closet full of clothes (you don’t), but just a great selection of accessories to give your clothes more mileage?

Compelling reasons to focus on accessories:

A great necklace or earrings that bring sparkle to your face can knock ten years (!) off your age.

When worn correctly, accessories can add richness to your ensemble and draw the eye upward, offering a slimming effect.

Accessories that highlight your coloring and express your style will set you apart from those who might wear similar clothing.

Accessories can be conversation starters and offer an easy opening for people to get to know you.

Building out your perfect wardrobe is fun and easy. Once you build the core enjoy adding excitement to your look with accessories and accents you love.

Have a style tip? Help other women to build a perfect wardrobe and take the stress out of getting dressed. What is your strategy when it comes building the perfect wardrobe? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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