Closet Clarity

Closet Clarity

You could have the best, beautiful, most organized closet in the world, but if you don’t have the right items in it, it’s not going to help you get dressed.  It may look beautiful, you may want to spend time in it, but if you can’t put together an outfit using items that are not right for you, it’s not going to matter.

Getting into your closet may be something that you dread, but if you begin cleaning your closet out at least twice a year, with a few tune-ups along the way, you’ll begin to experience the joy of getting dressed and see what a difference it can make.

My goal is for you to have…read more on the blog a closet filled with clothes that fit you, flatter you, and that you love to wear!  I also want your closet to be a place of beauty that inspires you.  Maybe you have pictures up in there of looks you like; maybe words of inspiration; or maybe your StyleFinder ID® words and Archetype to remind you of what’s most important to you when getting dressed.  What’s most important, though, is that you have the clothes that are right for you and your lifestyle, right now.

You could have the best, beautiful, most organized closet in the world, but if you don’t have the right items in it, it’s not going to help you get dressed.

Getting Started

Okay, so a few things I want to encourage you to have on hand that will help with this process run a little more smoothly.

1/ A glass of your favorite beverage

2/ A full-length mirror.

3/ Plastic bins, trash bags or other containers labeled:

A/ Donate

B/ Consignment


4/ A notebook to create your shopping list as we go.  That is key, and this is the time to do it.

This is where it all startsIf you don’t know what you have, how could you know what you need? 

Now certainly, you may need a certain item for a specific event that does not relate to anything you already own.  However, when you go out and build on what you have, you’re building your wardrobe.  Each item that you bring into your closet should go with at least three things you already own.

Step 1/ Clear the Clutter

Clear out anything that is creating clutter: dry cleaning bags, empty shoe boxes, wire hangers,  trash, piles of clothes that need to go, etc.  You want to be able to clearly see what you have to work with and be able to easily access it.  If there are clothes you know you’re ready to part with, now is the time to just do it.

Note: You may want to purchase new hangers for your closet.  Now is the time to do this.  Having all your hangers in the same type and even in the same color creates a soothing effect you will enjoy.

Step 2/ Sort your items

First sort by type: tanks, short sleeved tops, long sleeved tops, dresses, etc.  Then within each category, sort by color from light to dark.  This makes it easy to see that you have 5 black turtlenecks or 25 white tee shirts.  Eliminate the ones you know are ready to go.  Too much of one style takes too much time to decide which one to wear.  Now you know where to start purging!

Note: Having more than 3 of a kind in the same style/color makes it much more difficult to determine which one is the best, and can end up taking more time to get dressed. 

Step 3/Pare Down

Scan your closet, do a quick pass and determine which, if any items, can be discarded at first glance.  This includes items that don’t fit, don’t flatter, are no longer functional, don’t feel good on, or don’t make you feel fabulous.  My 5 F’s of Shopping will be your guideline in your closet, too!  This is your saving grace in determining what must go.  If you just can’t bear to part with it, start a ‘maybe’ pile to make the process a little more gentle.  When you come back to it, you’ll know in your heart of hearts if it truly needs to go.  Eliminate anything that is blocking the way to getting dressed easily every day!

Note: Be judicious!  The more you keep, the more crowded your closet will be and the harder it is to find those things you love.  Eliminating those items you just don’t enjoy wearing creates space for more of those that you do!

Step 4/ Make ‘New’ Outfits

Now that you’ve eliminated what no longer works for you, take stock of what’s left and look at it with fresh eyes.  What new combinations can you create?  With all this new energy in your closet, you should be inspired to try combinations you’ve never worn before!  Then, take pictures.  This can be your lookbook, helping you get dressed in a fabulous outfit at a moment’s notice, accessories and all!

Note: Clearing your closet often results in finding new favorites, or things you forgot you had.  Celebrate your new finds with new looks and see what magic you can create. 

Step 5/ Make Your Shopping List

Your wardrobe is now in prime condition to be whipped into shape and shouldn’t take much to get it headed in the right direction.  Make a list of what’s missing.  Where are the gaps?  Are you missing solid colored pants?  Cute tops?  Cardigans or jackets? A great pair of neutral shoes?  Whatever you feel you want to wear this season, put that on your list.  Then set a date and go shopping!

Note: Going shopping doesn’t mean wandering haphazardly into any store you find.  It means now you get to target exactly where to go for exactly what you need.  Shopping will take on a whole new meaning when you become intentional, and you’ll love that you’re now building your wardrobe in a meaningful way rather than just adding more clutter to your already overstuffed closet. 

Now that you have cleaned out your closet, I hope you’re feeling fabulous.  I know when I clean out my closet, it’s like a breath of fresh air and really helps me to experience the joy of getting dressed.  Set aside some time to clean out your closet and see what’s possible.  The rewards are worth the effort!

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  1. Micki Benz/Conway

    I love reading this or rather Re-reading!!! I learned so much from you several years ago and I’ve tried to do this still today. Now, today is a good day to go thru it again!!! Thanks for all you do!
    Love you!!!

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