Barrymore Print Scuba Pants

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These flattering and stylish pants will get you through any occasion in a pinch! These are made with durability in mind, designed them to shrink to 4 inches wide and always be comfortable, well balanced, and breathable. And they have a nice little crisp elastic band that holds everything together snugly at the waist.

Fabric: 67% Raylon, 29% Nylon, 4% Spandex


4- Waist:15 inches, Hip: 17inches, Rise:9.5 inches, Inseam:30 inches

6- Waist: 15.5inches, Hip:17 inches, Rise: 10inches, Inseam:31 inches

8- Waist:16 inches, Hip:18 inches, Rise:10 inches, Inseam: 31inches

10- Waist: 17inches, Hip: 18.5inches, Rise:10.5 inches, Inseam: 31inches

12- Waist:17 inches, Hip: 18.5inches, Rise:10.5 inches, Inseam: 31inches