Harlow Glam Scuba Jeans

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The Harlow Glam Scuba Jeans are the perfect way to make a statement. These black jeans with a stylish seam going down the side pair perfectly with your perfect basic blouse or sweater. 



6: Waist- 31inches, Hip- 36inches, Rise- 10inches, Inseam- 31.5inches

8: Waist- 32 inches, Hip- 36inches, Rise-10.5 inches, Inseam-31.5 inches

10: Waist- 33inches, Hip-37 inches, Rise-11 inches, Inseam- 31.5inches

12: Waist-34 inches, Hip- 38inches, Rise-11 inches, Inseam-31.5 inches

14: Waist- 35inches, Hip- 40inches, Rise-11 inches, Inseam- 31.5inches