Color Crush: How to Wear Blush

Sometimes a girl gets a crush and it’s a beautiful thing!  The crush I’m talking about is a color crush!  And it’s making me blush!

Blush is one of the hot colors of the year, no matter what name it goes by.  Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut are both shades of blush that are on Pantone’s top ten colors of the season, but don’t limit yourself.  Feel free to go a little lighter or darker, more pink, lavender or brown.  Blush doesn’t like to be confined to just one shade, so find the shade that works best on you!

When wearing blush, think of it as a neutral. And likes attract likes. Mix with other neturals for an elegant, understated look that is as stunning as it is simple. Create a clean palette of white, ivory, bone, gray, taupe and other pale neutrals for easy mixing and matching. Add in a hint of metallic to take it up a notch.

Wearing blush can be so simple, but it can also wash you out if you’re not careful.  Here are a few of my best tips for wearing blush so that you can start a crush of your very own!

 1/ Top it Off – wearing a pale blush if you’re light-skinned can be a skin enhancer (similar to your skin tone) and can be very flattering, but you may want to wear a richer lip color and cheek color to keep from being washed out.

2/ Bottoms Up – Try blush in a pair of jeans or pants and see what a wonderful alternative to white (or black) they can be!  Perfect for right now, they’re a neutral hue that pairs with almost any color.

 3/ Nail It – Wearing nailcolor in a blush is an elegant, yet simple, choice for everyday.  Plus, it will elongate your fingers and make your hands look more graceful.

4/ Under Cover – Wearing a chic cardigan in a blush, sand, taupe or lavender is a wonderful color to take your wardrobe right into spring!  Much fresher than the dark neutrals you’ve been wearing, a blush will give you an instant lift!

 5/ Dress to Impress – Wearing a dress in a blush is a gorgeous way to enhance your skin, anytime of the year!  Layer with a jacket for business, with a wrap for a festive occasion, or a cardigan for understated elegance. This just may become your new LBD!

How will you wear blush this spring?  If you need help, our Stylista’s can help you find the right shade of blush for you!  Stop in the boutique for a personal styling session or have your colors done with our StyleFinder Certified Style Coaches and you’ll learn how to wear color with confidence!