Do Your Clothes Match Your Personality?

Have you ever put something on and realized, ‘Hey, this really isn’t me!”, or stared into the mirror at your reflection, only to wonder who that is staring back at you? If so, you’re not alone.  Thousands of women struggle everyday in their quest to determine what their style is and how to dress for it.  Sadly, rarely do they succeed.  They just keep on buying more clothes, adding to their overstuffed closet, yet continuing to feel as if they have nothing to wear – and getting further out of touch from who they really are.

Understanding exactly what your style is may seem like something you’ll never begin to do.  Except that we do it every single day with our clients using our StyleFinder ID System.  Just last week I had a new client walk through the door, depressed about her wardrobe and her weight gain, and ready to make a change.  Within minutes she had taken our mini-quiz and determined that she was Classic.  I pulled a few outfits that were exactly her and I could see her light up with excitement!  When she came out of the fitting room in her first outfit, it was clear in her body language that it was all her.  After about an hour, she had chosen her new spring wardrobe, items that mixed and matched to create many new looks, and walked out with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

If you’ve lost your sense of style, or feel that it doesn’t really match who you are, then here’s my best advice for where to begin: Don’t look outside yourself – look within.

Style may seem to be external, but it is simply an expression of who you are from the inside out.  When how you dress on the outside matches who you are on the inside, it’s pure magic!  Follow these steps to begin to understand more about who YOU are and how to dress in a way that is all you!

1/ What does your
image say? 
The first step to making a change is to create awareness.  When you ask yourself openly and honestly what your image says about you before you even open your mouth, you’ll know if you need to make some changes.  If it’s not saying what you want it to, first define what you want it to say and then map out a plan to get there.

2/Who are you now?  Chances are your life, your body and your tastes have changed over the years and what worked for you then doesn’t support you now.  Define your lifestyle, including your day to day tasks, your hobbies and your passions and your needs.  Wear clothing that flatters your body type and your stature.  Work with what you have, including your hair, and you’ll find your style will emerge effortlessly and gracefully.

3/ What do you want to create?  Cultivating your own signature style starts with knowing what you want to look like.  Do you want to wear more color?  Create a more fun look?  Be more sophisticated?  What speaks to your heart?  What’s always caught your eye?  What do you secretly wish you were wearing right now?  Answer these questions honestly and you’ll start to get a good idea of what style expresses you authentically.

4/ What does your perfect outfit look like?  On any given day, what would your perfect outfit consist of?  Define and describe it as best as you can and you’ll be on your way to getting clear on what your style is.  If what you want to wear is vastly different from what you do wear, you’re bound to feel disconnected.  A few  small changes can help you move things in a new direction, create consistency and boost your confidence to leave you feeling great about yourself!

5/ What’s missing?  If your wardrobe is filled with black and devoid of color, perhaps you want to bring in more brights and prints.  Or if you’re stuck in a rut perhaps bringing in accessories or changing things up a bit can help you to bring out your style – or discover a new one!

Cultivating your own style takes work but it doesn’t have to feel like work.  Make it fun!  Take some time to pull out pictures, images or words that you resonate with to help you discover who you are now and what your authentic style looks like.

Need help?  Take our complimentary mini-quiz to determine one of your style words, or book a style package with a Certified StyleFinder ID Style Coach to determine your full StyleFinder ID.  Or simply come into the boutique and let us show you how to dress for who you are?  After all, it’s what we’re really, really good at!  Oh, and you just may actually enjoy shopping!




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