Do Your Personal Colors Change With the Seasons?

I am often asked if the colors a woman should wear changes with the seasons.  After all, your color harmony is based on the four seasons, so it would make sense that as the seasons and the landscape change, that your colors would change too, right?

Wrong!  Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Your personal colors are your personal colors.  Period.  The only time your personal color palette changes is when your personal coloring dramatically changes.  For example as you age, the colors that flatter you become softer.  My beautiful mom is a great example, but she is not the typical example.  Years ago, back in the 1980’s, she had her colors done and was told she was a ‘winter’.  Several years ago, when I worked with her to determine her personal color harmony, I discovered that she is now a True Persimmon Autumn – a far cry and not a typical color change.  Yet over the years her hair, skin and eyes had lightened up and become tinged with yellow-undertones as opposed to blue undertones.  As I helped her transition from bright jewel tones and lots of black, to wearing oranges, mustards and caramel tones, she began to see herself in a whole new light!

While your own personal color harmony may change over the years, it will NOT change with the seasons.  However, using color to complement your own personal coloring, and wearing what’s best for the seasons can help you to personalize your look and be ready for spring!

Here are a few tips for wearing your best colors for the Spring/Summer seasons:

1/ Lighten up Your Neutrals

If you’re accustomed to wearing dark brown or black during the winter, I recommend that you make the transition to a lighter, more flattering neutral overall, or pair your black and brown with lighter shades of gray, taupe or camel.  For your bottom weights, choose a shade that is deep, yet less harsh than the darks, and will tie in with your own coloring.  Select medium brown, caramel, chestnut, greige, putty, pewter or cream and see how it lightens your look.  Don’t forget your shoes too!

2/ Take it Down a Notch

During the winter months, wearing rich, deep colors is just right.  Come warmer months, temper those colors and opt for lighter, brighter hues that will make your wardrobe seem fresh and hew.  Choose your best wow! colors and use them in varying ranges from medium to light and see how pretty you’ll look!

 3/ Mix Colors in New Ways

Instead of using just one bright with your neutrals, try mixing two or more will brighten up your overall look.  This also gives you the opportunity to create a unique color combination.  Try coral with cadet blue, blush with olive, or gray with white for a fun twist on your look.

4/ Don’t Be Shy

If you love a color, let it take center stage but don’t overdo it. A bold jacket, a bright scarf, shoes in an eye-catching hue or a scarf that surrounds your face with color will help you to look oh-so-right for the season.

When choosing color, remember, your personal coloring trumps any color trends that are out there.  If there is a color that you love, but it washes you out and drains your face of color, perhaps you want to use it sparingly (such as in a print) or avoid wearing it altogether.

Color is the first thing people notice about you and the element that makes the greatest impact on your image.  When you let it work for you – not against you – you can leverage it to help you take your look to new heights!

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