Does Your Wardrobe Betray You?

Does Your Wardrobe Betray You?

Quite often I hear from women who love clothes and love to go shopping. In fact, they spend much of their time shopping with friends, adding items regularly to their wardrobe to keep it up to date. Their closet is stocked with the best brand names carried home in chic bags and wrapped in pretty tissue paper. At first glance, you might think they have a fabulous wardrobe with lots of beautiful choices, allowing them to get dressed with ease. Yet while their shopping experience may have been satisfying at the moment, once the clothes are unpacked and accessories put away, reality sets in.

The truth is that many women never experience the joy of getting dressed. Instead, when they head to their closet in the morning they feel dread, fear and doubt. They want desperately to find just the right thing to wear, but in the backs of their minds, they know that it’s just not gonna happen.

So as these women (is this you, too?) reach for something – anything – that will look half-decent, they lament that they’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on a wardrobe that is just not supporting them. With all the time and money invested, how could this happen? I hate to break it to you ladies, but it happens all too easily. To avoid this scenario in the future, here’s where to start:

1/ Know Your Best Colors – this is by far the most important piece of the equation. Color is the first thing we notice and what stands out most or leaves people wondering what we were thinking. When you know what your best colors are and how to wear them to best flatter you, you’re off to a great start!

2/ Know Your Body Type and how to Dress for It – Too often I see women trying to squeeze themselves into something that’s cut for someone with a completely different shape and they look awful! The best piece of advice I can give you is to acknowledge your shape as it is right now and dress for it. Wear clothing that really fits your body like a glove – not too baggy, not too tight – and makes you look your best. Well-fitting clothing can even make you look as if you’ve lost a few pounds!

3/ Know Your Style – Have you ever put something on and felt like it was wearing you, or that it would look better on your mother or your best friend? Chances are it was because it wasn’t your style. We each have our own unique style and when we dress for it we look – as well as feel – fabulous! Don’t pretend you’re still a style you were in college. Embrace where you are now (you’ve come a long way, baby) and wear it loud and proud!  Our proprietary StyleFinder ID® System can help you discover exactly what it is – and what it’s not.

4/ Trust Your Instincts – You’ve probably had the experience of being in a shop and putting something on that you couldn’t stand. Yet the salesperson was relentless about telling you how amazing it looked on you and just wasn’t going to let up until you took that item home. Well, there it hangs, tags still on and a big pile of guilt right next to it. You don’t want to be caught dead in it, but you don’t have the heart to return it because you think, “well, maybe she was right…” Nope. She wasn’t. Get over it and learn to listen to yourself.  You’re smarter than you think!

5/ Understand What Trends are Right For You – If skinny jeans are all the rage (as they have been of late) and you feel that you just have to have a pair I’d like to encourage you to really think about this before you buy. Skinnies, while being ubiquitous, are not necessarily right for everyone and can be a big source of guilt (see above) for many of us. If a trend is NOT you, don’t buy into it. Find another one that you LOVE and wear it to best effect.  In this case, opt for a pair of trouser-style jeans, or bootcut.  They’re in style too, and when you see that they create balance, flatter your figure and make you look pounds thinner, it’s a no-brainer! The only trends you should adopt are those that are right for you.

6/ Create a Wardrobe Strategy – When you aimlessly buy item after item randomly, it’s no wonder anything works together. Having a wardrobe strategy and focusing on a few of your best colors will help you to build a wardrobe that offers versatility and will be the source of limitless outfits day after day.  Make it easy to look your best as you discover the true joy of getting dressed!

Having a wardrobe that supports you isn’t as hard as you might think. It just takes a little effort to change your modus operandi and chart a new course for your shopping excursions. We’d love to help get you on the right path! Email me at admin@ShopStyleFinder.com for details on how we can help you!

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