Everything You Need to Know About Accessories!

Accessories are the fun part of your wardrobe and the icing on the cake.  They’re where you really get to have fun with a look and inject a bit of your own personality into theTHE secret power of accessories (1)mix.  More than just a fun way to highlight your look, accessories are IMPORTANT.  They provide the finishing touch to an outfit. Much like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, they help set the tone.  Best of all, they can transform an outfit from casual to dressy and back at the drop of a hat (literally!). Yet many women have no idea how to wear them.
Along with creating a variety of looks, there are many compelling reasons to focus on accessories:

  1. Women of all ages who complete their look with accessories send the message that they value and care for themselves.
  2. A great necklace or earrings that bring the focus to your face can knock years off your age.
  3. When worn appropriately, accessories can add richness to your outfit and draw the eye upward, creating a slimming effect.
  4. Accessories that highlight your personal coloring and express your unique style will set you apart from those who might wear similar clothing.
  5. Accessories can be conversation starters and offer an easy opening for people to get to know you.

Whether you love to pile them on, or are a true minimalist when it comes to accessories, the art of adornment is one not to be
ignored.  To complete your look you’ll need a good set of accessories to play a supporting role in your wardrobe.  Yet, knowing just what the right accessories are for each individual can be a daunting proposition. Several factors come into play when selecting jewelry for each client.  More than just what looks good at first glance, there is a real science behind what size, shape and color flatter a person.  Understanding a few key elements will empower you to select jewelry for your clients with confidence.

Let our Stylista’s create a personalized accessories  capsule for you and show you how you can take your look to the next level.

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