Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Ah, the perfect pair of jeans.  Every woman wants to own one, but actually finding them may seem as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack.  Yet, once you do, it’s magical.

DSC_1795Wearing denim used to be as simple as saying “I want a new pair of jeans.” No questions asked except what size. But nowadays denim comes in as many different cuts, colors and washes as you can imagine. And there’s no one style that’s right for everyone.

1/ Time and Patience – Buying a pair of jeans takes patience in spades if you do it right. Yet it will reward you with a new BFF. A favorite pair of jeans is loyal, always there for you and helps you to look your best even when you’re not feeling it. Hang in there – you can do it! Block off at least two hours, and even half a day if you can. You don’t want to buy jeans under duress or feel rushed. Take your time and you’ll reap the benefits.

2/ Sit, squat and move around – This helps you to gauge how much they’ll give and stretch, how much rear cleavage will show, how much of a muffin top you’ll have when seated and how comfortable they’ll be.

3/ Ignore the size – Sure, you love that you recently got down to a size 6. Yet when you try on jeans, don’t be disappointed if you have to try on an 8 or a 28. There is little consistency in sizing between brands, and even among styles in the same brand. Cut the tag out once you buy if you must, but don’t let a number get you down. It’s the fit that counts!

4/ Buy multiple pairs – I tell my clients when they find the perfect jeans, buy at least two pairs. If you wear heels, hem one for flats and one for heels. If you wear only flats, you’ll be assured that you always have a go-to pair in your closet at the ready.

5/ Keep it current – Whether you’re replacing an old favorite, or buying a new one, buy them in a wash that is flattering and chic. A dark wash is my wash of choice because it’s slimming, contemporary and can be dressed up or down more easily than a light wash can. If you’re buying multiple pairs, consider buying different washes for versatility.

Mom JeansMakeover6/ Plan Your Wardrobe – When buying jeans consider what you’ll wear where, what shoes work with which styles and how you’ll wear them. While a tunic and flats may work well with skinnies, a more fitted top and wedges may work better with flares.

7/ Tailored to Your Needs – Getting a perfect fit off the rack is wonderful, yet a rare occurrence. Be ready to invest in having the waist taken in or having a proper hem done. Simply cutting your jeans off and turning them up is no longer the look. Have a professional replace your hem at the right length, making sure to measure it when you’re wearing shoes, and no one will ever be the wiser. Worth the money, especially if you’re investing in designer jeans.

Understanding your body type goes a long way in determining your look. I know many women who swear by their skinny jeans, and others who wear them because they’re ‘in style’ but know that they don’t look as good as a pair of bootcut or straight legs would. Know your assets and play them up.

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