Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Dress

Wearing a dress isn’t just putting on another piece of clothing.  It’s about an attitude, and creating an entire look that encompasses everything from your hair, makeup, jewelry, handbag, nails, shoes and legwear (should you or shouldn’t you?).  When you wear a dress, you embrace your femininity, step into your power and show off your most beautiful self!  Because, girl, you’ve still got it!

Dreaming of spring in my beautiful green dress…

Finding the right dress, however, may be on the of most challenging of experiences, right up there with buying a swimsuit.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Here are my tips to help you decode the right dress for you:

1/ Buy for your Body Type

This is key!  Too often I see Apple’s trying to squeeze themselves into a dress that’s cut for a Pear and it just doesn’t work.  Understand what your body type is and then play up your assets. Stick with what’s right for you and you’ll look fabulous!

2/ Skip the Black and go Blue…

Or green, or gold…When choosing a color for your dress, don’t just default to the most basic (and overworn) of colors.  Choose a color that will best flatter you.  Will gold bring out your highlights?  Will teal brighten your eyes?  Find a shade that plays you up to the hilt and flaunt it!

3/ It’s All in the Details

Are you a fussy gal?  Then you can rock a fussy dress.  But if you tend to keep it nice and easy, wearing something to fussy is going to feel uncomfortable.  If you’re all about some ruffles, go for it.  But if you prefer jeans and a simple tee, opt for clean, straight lines to keep from feeling as if your dress is wearing you.

4/ Make it Your Own

A dress is often a statement, yet what you add to it creates your own personal look.  Instead of wearing the expected black pumps and pearls, why not choose strappy metallic sandals and a statement necklace?  Wearing accessories that speak to your personality will keep you feeling more like yourself.

5/ The Whole Shebang

When you wear a dress, you don’t just change your clothing.  You change the way you present yourself.  This means you may need special lingerie (shapewear, etc), the right shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a beautiful dress, but everything else looks like she just rolled out of bed.  Take time to create a look around your dress that is right for you, and that makes you feel gorgeous down to the most simple details. Now, go rock your dress like a boss! 

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