Forget Age-Appropriate – think Style Savvy!

Recently when talking to a few clients, I was told multiple times how they did NOT want to look age appropriate, as if it were something horrible.  It took me a few moments to really get what they meant.  And then it hit me.  They equate age-appropriate with being matronly.  And matronly was one thing they DID not want to look.

Age-appropriate is actually what you DO want to do. After all, you don’t want to be a 50-something trying to look 25, do you?  Of course not.  But let’s find another term for it.  How about Style Savvy?  Let’s look at what this really means:

1/ You’re In Touch –

Being Style Savvy means that you’re up on not only the latest styles, but you’re also in tune with YOUR style.  You’re not trying too hard, but you’re also not stuck in a rut.  The Style Savvy woman knows just what’s right for her, and she never compromises just because something is hot right now.

2/ You Cultivate Your Wardrobe –

The Style Savvy woman understands the importance of building a wardrobe and is always on the lookout for the right pieces to mix in with what you already have.  Whether she enjoys shopping or not she sees the merits in shopping frequently to keep her look updated and steer clear of falling into a rut.  She knows where to go for styles that flatter her body and advice for putting it all together.  This keeps your look fresh and exciting!

3/ You Know When to Say YES, and When to Say NO –

The Style Savvy woman knows when to invest and when to walk away.  You’re not afraid to spend money on a top that you know will help you create many new outfits, as well as last you for years to come.  You say NO to those items in your closet that are dated, including boxy blazers, pleated pants and anything that has ‘expired’.

4/ You Show off Your Best Assets –

The Style Savvy woman plays up her great legs, shows off her gorgeous smile or highlights her figure with clothing and accessories that make her look like a million bucks.  If your body has gone from an hourglass to an apple, you ditch the belts and look for longer, sleeker tunics with skinny pants.  If your bustline has filled out, you keep your look simple on top, avoiding large collars, styles that are too stiff and boxy and things that make you look bigger than you are.  You never compare yourself with others, but embrace what makes you truly beautiful!

5/ You Dress Like You Mean It –

The Style Savvy Woman knows what clothes make her pulse quicken and bring a smile to her face.  You dress to please yourself and know what makes you feel gorgeous, no matter what the occasion.  Because you wear what makes you feel amazing, you have confidence in spades.  You make yourself a priority!  You   never settle for second best, or compromise your style!

The Style Savvy woman can be you!  Move away from stereotypes and step into being the most amazing and beautiful you, no matter what your age, your size or your weight.  You deserve to rock your style at every phase of life!

Want to discover your very own unique style and what colors look best on you?  Contact our StyleFinder Certified Style Coaches to set up a personal style session to discover what’s right for you, right now! Or simply come into the boutique and let our Stylista’s help you choose pieces that make you shine!  919-454-3068

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