Get the Summer Blues

9c0f402dd428027f53ce3fc8c2cdb421Having fun yet?  Summer is made for relaxing, playing, not taking yourself too seriously.  So why get the summer blues?  Because not only are blues calming, refreshing and relaxing, they are some of the most flattering colors you can wear!

Blue may be a cool color, but it is HOT this season!  In varying shades that flatter every skintone including periwinkle, cobalt, turquoise, seafoam, and Carolina, blue is one of Pantone’s colors of the year, and multiple hues are featured in the top 10.  Try these to get more bang out of your blues!

1/ Aqua Fresh – Attention all you blue-eyed blondes!  This aqua and white print dress is the perfect thing to make your eyes pop and set off a summer tan. This gorgeous color will leave your skintone looking stunning – get ready for compliments to fly!

2/ Double Duty Denim – Not just for jeans anymore, try a denim or chambray tunic, tank or shirtdress to spice up your white denim.  Unexpected and totally on trend, this easy to wear look will become your new go to!

3/ That’s a Wrap – Kimono’s are hot looks for the season.  Why not choose one in a gorgeous cobalt blue?  Cobalt looks good on most everyone and goes with everything from coral to turquoise to white.  Fresh, yet timeless, it just may become your new fave!

See how easy blues can be to wear, even if you don’t have baby blues!  Let blues infuse your summer wardrobe with cool ease and elegance and let the fun begin!

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