Have Your Pants Expired?

style-10668-full-cut-single-pleated-vertical-pocket-flared-leg-dress-pants-for-womenIn the past ten years you’ve probably changed the car you drive, the magazines you read, the music you listen to and even your hairdresser. Your life has changed and with it so have your tastes, your income and your lifestyle. But what about your pants? If you’re still wearing full-leg, pleated pants, you just may want to take a long look at how they look on you.

Finding the perfect pair of pants can seem like an impossibility.  With so many different shapes and sizes, there is no one style that fits every woman.  There’ s nothing worse than tolerating a pair pants that doesn’t fit you correctly and makes you feel fat, frumpy and frazzled.  If you’re feeling this way, it may be time to trade your frumpy pants in for a pair of the new ‘modern fit’ pants.

The modern fit pant really does work on every body type.  The key is in how you wear them.  With our generation choosing comfort above much else, it’s no wonder that these have become the go-to pant for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  What’s great about them?  Here you go…

1/ Comfort – No longer do you have to choose style over comfort, but can have the best of both worlds.  The 4-way stretch fabric and the pull-on waistband will make these your go-to favorites for this factor alone.

2/ Slimming – While these pants are close-fitting, they’re also quite slimming.  With no added bulk or bulges, the techno-strech fabric is sleek and can visually trim inches from your body and the elastic waistband is flattering without being too tight.  Bye bye muffin top!

3/ Dress it up, dress it down  – The modern fit pant goes from work to weekend and looks perfect no matter what’s on your agenda.

4/ Polished – With the comfort of a legging and the structure of a pant, the modern fit pant provides a polished, put-together look with ease.

5/ Versatile – Available in many colors, prints and textures, the modern fit pan can be dressed up or down.  Wear it with blouse or tunic for work, a simple tee on the weekend.  These pants are functional, fashionable and will become your new favorites!

Try a pair of modern fit pants and you’ll see what you’ve been missing!  Join us on Friday and Saturday, March 4 + 5 for The Perfect Pants Party and find your perfect pair.  Getting dressed has never been so easy!

Want to experience shopping in a whole new way?  Simply stop by, or call for an appointment and one of our trained Stylista’s will be happy to assist you!  919-454-3068.  Style made simple.  

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