Help! I Have Too Much Black in My Closet!

Untitled design (2)Ask a Master Style Coach:

Dear Mary Michele,

It finally hit me.  I have a closet filled with black and I’m so tired of wearing it all the time,  I don’t know how this happened, and don’t know what to do.  How do I lighten up my wardrobe so it doesn’t feel so dull and depressing. It’s starting to bring me down, especially this time of year!  But I’ve gained weight and don’t want to look any bigger than I am.  Help!



Dear JP,

Hang on, there’s hope for your closet!  Having mostly black in your closet is, sadly, not uncommon.  Many women have too much black because over the years they’ve been told by the media, their friends and folks who just didn’t know any better that black is what all women ‘must have.’  Well, I will tell you otherwise.

Black can be a great color to wear, but it’s not right for everyone.  And for many women it can leave you looking lackluster and just plain blah.  I know there are times when you just want your hips and thighs to disappear, but black will bring you down in the process.  Unless you wear it the right way.  Here’s how to make it work FOR you and not AGAINST you:

1/ Bring color to your face – Surrounding your face with color is a sure-fire way to ditch the blah’s and bring your wardrobe back to life.  Try a top or scarf in one of your best colors (how about the color of your blue eyes?) and see how much more vibrant it looks!

2/ Swap Meet – Swap your black for navy, camel, ivory or another neutral and see how much it lightens your look.  Choose a color that reflects your hair color and it will personalize your look and keep your outfit in harmony with you!

3/ Light it Up – Wear jewelry that brings light to the face.  Faceted earrings and necklaces reflect the light and can take years off your face while brightening up your black.

4/ Black and White – Ditch the basic black pants and choose a black and white print (or blue and white, camel and white…) to wear with your colorful top (or even black) and see how much different it looks.  Plus, patterned pants can actually take off pounds visually!  Who knew?

5/ Mix it Up – Never again wear black head to toe.  Mix your look up and wear your black where you are largest.  Bring in colors, prints and patterns and see how much your black will be transformed.  Your outlook on life will be transformed too!

Your assignment:  Go through your closet and ditch anything black and you don’t love!  It must fit and flatter, and be in great condition.  Eliminate what needs to go.  Then make a list of what you need to bring in: printed pants, bold tops, chic cardigans, scarves, jewelry.  Our StyleFinder Stylista’s will be happy to assist you in building out your wardrobe and ensuring that it’s right for you!