Hits and Misses at the 2016 Oscars

Ah, the Oscars.  An event to look forward to for many reasons, one of my biggest is the fashion.  This is where you’ll see the best of the best, the worst of the best and all sorts of other surprises thrown in.

saoirse-ronan-oscars-2016-calvin-h724Fashion is often a study in contrasts and this was evident last night.  What I noticed at this years Oscars were that many of the nominees were rocking their Romantic side – florals, lace, the boho look, flounces and frills were all expressed on the red carpet.  Conversely, we also saw much in the way of crisp, clean lines and minimalist detail.

While in my opinion, there were no truly epic fails, there were several near misses.  But there were also plenty of clear winners!  Here’s my rundown, with what truly made it a hit or a miss:

priyanka-chopra-oscars-2016-h724The Hits:

1/ Saoirse Ronan (left) was simply stunning in her sea-green sequined Calvin Klein gown.  She wore it beautifully and the color really brought out her eyes.  It was said that she wanted to wear green to show her Irish heritage.  Whatever the reason, she could not have chosen a better hue!  And the beach-swept hair was the perfect complement to give her a look that was vaguely reminiscent of a mermaid for all the right reasons!  Lesson: Wear the color that looks best on you

hbz-the-list-best-dressed-oscars-2016-olivia-munn2/ Priyanka Chopra (right) in Zuhair Murad Couture was the embodiment of elegance.  Goddess-like in her strapless lace number with a small train, her romantic look was spot-on!  Priyanka’s coloring is intense, and her ivory gown provided a nice contrast to keep her look from being too overpowering.  Perfect for rocking the runway!  Lesson: Less is More

3/  Olivia Munn (left) evoked old-school glamour in her sleek, one-shoulder number from Stella McCartney.  Keeping it classy by showing off a little skin, but not giving it all away, as many others did, Olivia scored top marks in my book.  The color was not the best for her, but the intensity was right for her coloring.  I would have chosen a gorgeous violet or royal blue for her (her hair intensifier).  But she rocked it nonetheless! Lesson: Show a little shoulder, nothing morecate-blanchett-oscars-2016-h724

4/ Cate Blanchett (right) was stunning in this soft aqua floral gown from Armani Prive.  Showing off her romantic side, Cate took the plunge without being too revealing.  Her cropped hair was the perfect022816-oscars-naomi-watts_0counterpoint to this look, which is perfect for the season!  Lesson: Wear what you love

5/  Naomi Watts was a show-stopper in her sequined Armani Prive gown.  Truly elegant, she looks red-carpet ready and like she’s absolutely supposed to be at the Oscars.  Her blue and purple gown hugged her figure in all the right ways, helping her to show off her best assets and accenting her personal coloring.  Lesson: Dress like an Oscar Nominee

And now the misses.  While I point out what I consider misses not to dis the stars, but to use as a teaching moment.  Take note.

31A9A8D800000578-3468602-Puff_and_pomp_Heidi_Klum_42_mixed_too_much_material_with_not_eno-a-21_14567155918891/ Whoopi Goldberg (left) just didn’t look like herself.  Typically dressed in an androgynous style, she went for a gown that was at the same time too girly and too matronly.  This dress does not suit her and she looks like she’s trying too hard to be something she is not.  I would have put her in a chic tuxedo and let her wear her hair the way she does it best.  Lesson:  It’s ok to just be yourself!  

2/ Heidi Klum (right) has more fashion sense than this.  While the 70’s look is hot, she looked like a swinging housewife who just stepped out of the bedroom.  All that are missing are her marabou topped mules!  This look is too overdone and just looks inappropriate.  Lesson: Less is more.

3/ Mindy Kaling reminded me of Snow White in this gown with the contrasting sleeves and flowing cape.  She’s so lovely and would have been gorgeous in a simple sheath in this royal blue, but using it as an accent in this way just looks too princess-y.  The dress could have been more flattering to her hourglass figure, but instead of playing up her curves, it highlights them in an unflattering way.  Lesson: Leave the costumes at home. 31A9342400000578-3468602-Pink_to_make_the_boys_do_a_double_take_While_the_color_of_Keltie-a-2_145671559101731A9460000000578-3468602-Not_the_best_fit_Mindy_Kaling_36_exposed_the_outline_of_her_bra_-a-14_1456715591482

4/ Keltie Knight (right) chose colors that were gorgeous for her.  But this gown, with it’s draping and layers, simply overpowers her.  Something sleek and simple would have shown her off, rather than stealing the spotlight.  Lesson: Don’t let your dress wear you.

5/ Diane Warren (below) may be a pants girl, but this schlumpy look is just all wrong for her, not to mention the red carpet.  And is her blouse asymmetrical or are the buttons just askew?  Not Oscar-worthy in the least.  As a stellar, award-winning songwriter, she is not dressing the part in the least.  Lesson: Dress to Impress.31A926E100000578-3468602-Dress_down_disaster_While_there_is_never_anything_wrong_with_opt-a-6_1456715591052