How Not to Look Matronly, Pt. 2

A few weeks ago I posted How Not to Look Matronly Pt. 1 and was met with great response!  I heard from so many of you how you’re ready to update your style and get out of the schlump, that I’m delighted to present to you part 2.

Looking matronly is something that most of us don’t ever want to do.  Matronly implies looking older, more tired, heavier, giving up on style.  And from what I can tell, women these days want to do anything but give up on their style.  Here are more ways NOT to look matronly:

1/ Lighten Up – 
In color, that is.  As you age, it’s best to let the colors that you wear gently soften.  Instead of wearing black, which can be harsh, lighten up to a gorgeous taupe or gray that reflect your haircolor and see how gorgeous it shows you off!

2/ Reassess – 
Now is the time to reassess your body type and how you’re dressing for it.  If you’re fuller through the bustline, be sure to wear clothing that offers plenty of room without being constricting.  If your arms are heavier, avoid anything with short sleeves that cuts you off at the widest point.  Just a few minor tweaks can make a big difference.

3/ Hemmed In – 
Now is the time to lower those hemlines.  I recently saw a gorgeous woman in her late 50’s wearing a dress that was, well, too short, and it just looked like she was trying to hard to look youthful and was unflattering.  Keep them hovering between top and bottom of kneecap and you’ll be just fine.

4/ Shoes Count – 

Look at your shoes.  Are you wearing shoes that are completely built for comfort, or something that injects a bit of style into your look.  Your shoes punctuate your outfit, so choose something that offers comfort and style.

5/ Attitude – 
How do you feel about yourself?  Are you shy and self-conscious?  Or ready to embrace life and everyone around you?  A simple shift in your attitude can make all the difference.  If you’re not happy with you, do the work to get there.  Because your attitude affects your entire day, and you deserve to look and to feel amazing!

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