How to Create a Wardrobe Capsule

For years I have had the pleasure of helping women put together a great wardrobe at a moment’s notice.  I am proud to say that one recent client got 10 pieces of clothing to yield 20 outfits and it cost less than $1000 – and we chose them in just under an hour. Not only will she have clothes to work for an upcoming trip, but she’ll have a wardrobe that intermixes with what she already has in her closet to take her through the rest of the season and well beyond.

Being style savvy doesn’t have to be complicated.  It just starts with a little know how.  My best guidelines are below and can be game-changers not only when it comes to shopping, but in how you think about your wardrobe.

Dress for the body you have right now.  Know your signature silhouettes and use these as the foundation of your wardrobe.

2/ Know your best colors

Color is the first thing people notice, and the quickest way to change your look. You can take years – and even pounds – off your look just by wearing the right colors for you.  Even my girls are creating a wardrobe based on her best core wardrobe colors, and including some of her best accent colors. It’s never too early to start!

3/ Start with Your Best Basic Core Colors

Many women defer to black, but I encourage you to find your best substitute for black if it’s not your best color (and it’s not for about 90% of my clients). Try a rich caramel, espresso, steel gray or charcoal but select one that’s right for you!  The first color is critical!  If you get this wrong, you risk jeopardizing your whole wardrobe!

4/ Select a Few WOW! Colors

What colors make your eyes pop?  Wear them.  What colors bring in the most compliments?  Wear more of them.  What colors do you LOVE to wear? Wear them. This is a great way to discover what your WOW! colors are. They add interest to your imag and keep you looking fabulous!

5/ Create Clothing Capsules

Start with 5 – 12 items and lay them out on your bed. Make as many outfits as possible with them, including shoes and accessories. This is where focusing on 1 or 2 core colors and 2-3 WOW! colors translates to less is more. Fewer colors mean more things will go together and will result in more outfits.

6/ Add in Accessories

 Create groupings of accessories that are neutral enough to go with multiple outfits, but still express your personality and add interest to your look.

7/ Create a Lookbook

Take pictures of the different looks you can create within your capsule to have a visual representation of the many ways you can wear things.  Mix them up with pieces already in your closet to see how many new looks you can create.  Then refer back to these pics as you go shopping to determine what you can bring in that will fill a ‘hole’ and go with as many pieces as possible.

8/ Rinse and Repeat

 When you have a signature look that brings out your best each and every day you create consistency, credibility and confidence! You also make yourself stand out from a crowd and be unforgettable!

So go for it! Build your wardrobe and rest assured that you’ll always have something to wear and can look your gorgeous best at the drop of a hat. Need help? Email me at Michele@ShopStyleFinder.com to set up a complimentary consultation and we’ll discuss how to get where you want to be!

Need help?  Our Stylista’s can help you build a wardrobe capsule (or a few) to take you through life with ease!

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