How to Make the Sales Work FOR You and NOT Against You

It’s that time of year – Semi-Annual Clearance Sale season. While 75% off may be enough to quicken the pulse of most women, I want to encourage you to take a plumdeep breath. Shopping the clearance sales can do 1 of 2 things – it can allow you to fill in your wardrobe with items you know you need while saving loads of cash. But it can also encourage you to stuff your closet to the gills with items that you will never actually wear but just couldn’t refuse.

Scoring big on the sales doesn’t start with pouncing on the sale rack. It starts with understanding what you really need and with following a plan. Many women feel that when they need new clothes they should buy the first thing they find with no rhyme or reason as to how it fits in with what they already have. This leads to having too many clothes and nothing to wear. And I want you to avoid this!

From here on your key word is STRATEGY. Yes, you’re going to be strategic in your purchases, carefully weighing each option and asking yourself a series of questions to determine if its right for you.

If you’re a little unsure of where to begin, then let me allay your fears. I’m here to walk you through the process and teach you new habits along the way. It’s going to be fun and you’ll be so focused on the positive you won’t have any time to feel deprived.

1/ Purge Your Closet

Take time out to really go through your closet with great detail. If you need to do it in multiple sessions, that’s fine. But just make time to do it! Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, flatter or that you don’t love. If it still has the tags on, consider returning it, selling it or donating it. Your goal is to have a closet filled with clothing that fits you right now and that you love to wear! If you’re in the process of losing weight and want to get back into some of your clothing, box it up and put in in another closet for now. This will make getting dressed so much easier when you know everything in your closet fits!

2/ Make a List

What’s missing from your closet? If you just let go of your favorite pair of pants, then it’s time for some new ones. If you realize your jeans were too baggy and frayed, add that to your list. If you are feeling that this is the year you want to add more polish to your wardrobe, some new tops and separates may be in order. Or if you’re ready for a complete overhaul, add in a session with a personal shopper, such as our stylista’s, who can help you create a wardrobe capsule of items that mix and match.

3/ Go Shopping

If you’re a casual shopper, or simply dread the thought of shopping, then I want to encourage you to approach this differently. When many of our clients come into StyleFinder Boutique, they call ahead. They tell our stylista’s what they’re looking for, and arrive to find a fitting room filled with carefully edited selections that make shopping fun! When you have expert personal shoppers working for you, as opposed to untrained sales associates, it can make all the difference! Our goal is to make the shopping experience fun, educational and successful! And it’s always such a thrill as clients emerge from the fitting room with a huge smile on their faces as they find outfit after outfit that works for them! We’ll help you to create capsules that offer many options using the same items, and creating a cohesive look. This is style, made simple!

4/ Create Capsules

As you try on items, one big mistake women make is to focus on just one or two items that are on sale. While sometimes that’s all you can find or need, more times than not you’ll get an item home only to realize you don’t have anything to wear it with. So it sits. Until next year, when you decide to give it to your sister or BFF. Instead of flushing money down the toilet, take the extra time to create outfits with your new garments. We love to ‘wardrobe’ our clients, giving them the entire experience of what’s possible. Look for tops, bottoms, cardigans, jackets, skirts, etc. that will mix and match to create a wardrobe capsule, giving you many options with just a handful of items. While this may be a more upfront investment, you’ll spend less money in the long run and you’ll be assured of having great outfits that you love to wear, rather than spending hours trying to make something work.

5/ Accessories

When women come in the boutique, more often than not they are not thinking about what accessories will go with that tunic they just love. Yet when we show them how the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelet, handbag and scarf can take it to new heights, it gives them a whole new perspective! I’ve found that women are intimidated by accessories and don’t know how to wear them. Our stylista’s will not only show you how to wear that chic necklace or tie a scarf just so, we make it easy! And the easier it is, the more likely you’ll wear them, getting rave reviews on your look and boosting your confidence. Sounds like a win-win to me!

There you have it. Just a few thoughtful steps to ensure that shopping the sales rack will not wreck your wardrobe, but will actually enhance it! Make an appointment with one of our Stylista’s today and see how easy it can be to make the sales work for you, not against you!

To schedule a person shopping appointment with a StyleFinder Stylista, call 919-454-3068. It will change how you feel about shopping!