How to Wear a Tunic

Something happens to women over the years.  After all the babies, after living a full life and approaching menopause things begin to shift.  That shifting is different for tunic-leggingseveryone, but what I seem to see most often in my clients is expanding waist and bust lines.  And the most common problem that arises from these changes is that clothes don’t fit like they used to.  All of a sudden your favorite shirts are too tight and too short.  The solution is not just to go up a size, or to begin shopping in the matron’s department.  The solution is to wear a tunic.

For women 35 and up, tunics offer the perfect solution.  With so many cuts, styles and fabrications, they provide a sleek, comfortable and chic solution for both casual and dressy occasions.  They key is knowing how to wear them for your body type.  Here are my best guidelines:

1/ Fit

Choose a tunic that gently skims the body, rather than one that has lots of volume.  The bigger you are, the sleeker your top should be.  When your tunic gently follows your curves without being too tight, it creates a slimming silhouette without adding bulk.

ClaraSunWoo-T101Red_large2/ Fabric

The fabric of your tunic is key!  We prefer a mid-weight ITY knit such as our Clara Sunwoo tunics, or a cotton blend that has some substance.  You want fabric that is going to gently skim your body, rather than be full and floaty, or stiff and boxy.  Full and floaty means you get lost in it and can end up looking schlumpy.  Too stiff and boxy and you visually add pounds and create discomfort.  Look for something with a bit of stretch for movement, and a good weight so that it hangs close to the body rather than stands away from it.

3/ Style

While there are a zillion styles of tunics out there, choose one that is in proportion to you.  You want one that comes no lower than mid-thigh.  If you’re full through the hips, choose one with a curved or angled hemline to visually slim you.  3/4 sleeves are best for giving your arms coverage while keeping you cool.

4/ Create Balance6fd3c665b6a8587e5febc797bf9877ee

When you have a longer tunic on top, you want to be sure to balance this out with slim-fitting pants or jeans on bottom.  Our pull-on jeans and pants are perfect for creating a long, lean line and helping you to look pounds thinner than if you wore full-legged jeans or trousers.

karenweb45/ Top it Off

To top your tunic off and bring focus to your face, add on a gorgeous necklace or scarf.  When you choose a simple tunic in a solid color (one of your best basics or a neutral) then you have the option of changing the look of it just by changing your scarf or jewelry.  Add in a great vest, a cardigan, a jean jacket or blazer and you can create a completely different look, getting more mileage from your versatile tunic.

If you haven’t tried a tunic, I encourage you to try one on today!  It just may become your favorite new top, and you’ll wonder how you lived without them!

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