How to Wear Print Pants with Ease

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Three years ago, as we were just starting StyleFinder, I stumbled across a line of pants that everyone at the apparel show in New York was raving about.  I talked with client after client who could not get enough of these print pants for themselves – and for their clients.  I was smitten at first glance, but hearing these testimonials was what I needed to seal the deal and bring Krazy Larry on board! (That’s me with Krazy Larry, left, in New York on my birthday in 2015) 

But then I thought, what does this crazy guy with the crazy print pants know about style?  And who is really gonna wear all this print pants?

Well, it turns out pretty much everyone!  Our print modern-fit pants began flying out the door and we expanded our selection to include Lisette, Tribal, Insight, Nic & Zoe, Up!, Liverpool, Boho Chic, and more.  These pants came in prints ranging from subtle geometrics to bold florals, colorful animal prints to chic stripes and more!  And our clients couldn’t get enough of them!

Yet, I kept thinking to myself, I just can’t wear print pants…

Boy, was I wrong!  Once I tried a pair and realized how amazing they felt, I was stunned.  But aside from the extreme comfort factor, the prints actually worked FOR me, not against me, as I had thought.  I am an hourglass, meaning that I have some fullness in my hips and thighs.  I mistakenly thought print pants were only for those who had slim thighs and a thin build.  But then I looked in the mirror and realized that these pants were not only flattering, they visually took off pounds!  I was stunned.  Now I know that not only are print pants fabulous, but they can be instantly slimming when worn the right way.  But what’s right for me probably isn’t right for you.  After seeing these pants on literally thousands of clients, I’ve come to realize that how you wear them should be personal to you.  There is no one right way to wear them, but that when you can take your personal elements into account you can choose a style that will make you look amazing.

Here are my best tips for rocking your print pants like a boss!

1/ Instantly Slimming – When you choose a print that matches your personal scale, it can actually make you look slimmer. Proportion is everything and when you wear print pants the print can either wear you, it can create balance, or it can get lost.  Choose a print that creates balance and is just right for you.  Are you petite?  Choose a smaller print.  Do you have a full figure?  Opt for a print that is larger and mirrors your size.  It will look just right!

2/ Camouflage – Do solid pants show your every lump, bump and bulge?  A print acts as camouflage, visually smoothing things out and creating a beautiful distraction from cellulite, bumps and bulges.

3/ How Low Can You Go? – The modern-fit pants that are all the rage do not fit everyone the same way.  That’s why what you wear them with can make you look fabulous or it can make you look frumpy.  If you’re heavier through the hips and thighs, choose a top that is longer than your widest point.  Angles are great to offset your look and to visually slim you.  Wearing a top that’s cut straight across and hits you at your widest point will visually shorten and widen you.

4/ Create a Focal Point – Your print pants act as a focal point for your outfit.  When wearing them, be sure to coordinate the rest of your outfit around them.  Rather than trying to compete with them, let them take center stage.  Less is more.

5/ Express Your Style – When choosing prints, choose one that feels right to you.  A floral may feel just right, while a geometric isn’t really your style, or vice versa.  Let your style dictate the print and the rest will fall into place!

Wearing print pants can be easier than you think!  Come into StyleFinder today and see what all the fuss is about.  You just might find your new favorite look!


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