How to Wear the Trends this Fall…and Beyond!

How to Wear the Trends this Fall…and Beyond!

Keeping up with the trends each season goes a long way with keeping your wardrobe looking fresh and modern, and prevents you from looking dated and frumpy.  Skip a few seasons and suddenly you begin to fall into a rut, feel matronly and not nearly as chic and contemporary as you would like to be.  However, embracing the trends each season isn’t at all about being dictated to.  I want to encourage you to keep an eye on the trends and then use them merely as suggestions for what you could bring into your wardrobe.

The good news about the trends is that each season there are a variety of options.  There is no one color or trend that is going to look gorgeous on everyone, so, fortunately, we have many options from which to choose.  I encourage you to use these as a guideline for what you can bring into your wardrobe to make small tweaks that bring it current.

Along with the style trends comes a seasonal color palette and a color of the year.  In case you don’t know what 2018’s color is, it’s UltraViolet.  But please, if the ‘hot” shades do not flatter your personal coloring, don’t wear them.  Instead, find an alternative in a similar shade that brings out your individual beauty and makes you shine!  No one looks good when wearing the wrong colors, whether it’s the hottest hue or not.

When adopting a trend here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each season there are multiple trends. Choose one or two that really speak to you and find subtle ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe if it’s a look you’re not yet comfortable with.  Try jewelry, handbags or shoes, then work your way up to larger items.
  • Never let a trend wear you. Wear only those trends that make you feel like you, not like your best friend or your sister-in-law.  You want people to notice you, not your flamboyant mode of dress.  If it doesn’t feel right, it won’t look right.
  • Just because it’s ‘in style’ doesn’t mean it will work for you. If skinny jeans are all the rage and you’re a pear shape, you’re better off to skip this trend and opt for a style that is much more flattering, like a boot cut or a flared leg.
  • Think of trends as merely suggestions for interpreting your own look each season. If you’ve worked hard to cultivate a classic look wearing crisp, tailored pieces, don’t rush right out and buy a wardrobe full of flowy prairie skirts and peasant tops.  Instead, try the color trend and choose a button-down or a pair of chinos in one of the season’s best brights.
  • Keep your own style in mind when trying trends. If you have a definite style, it’s best to stick with it but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.  Add some trendy jewelry to your tried and true look to kick it up a notch.

Need help?  Our Stylistas help you get to the essence of your style and wear the trends in a way that makes you feel more like you, whether you’re a corporate executive or a stay at home mom. Come into the boutique at your convenience, or schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Style Coaches for a StyleFinder 101 Session.   Email us at admin@shopstylefinder.com to set up a Find Your Style inquiry session and learn how we can help you feel beautiful this fall!  


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