Is There a Monster in Your Closet

spookyIt’s that time of year again. While you and your kids may be getting ready for ghosts and goblins, there may be a few monsters lurking where you’d least expect them – in your very own closet! You know what I mean, those items of clothing that are just too scary to put on: the pants that are a little snug around the waistline; the top that gaps at the seams or the sweater that swallows you whole. These items no longer fit or flatter you, and are relegated to ‘monster’ status. Now, it’s time to get rid of them for good!

Now is one of the best times to begin to think about clearing out your closet and boosting your wardrobe for several reasons. Thanksgiving, Christmas and more will soon be here and you want to be ready! In fact, I just spoke with a new client who had two events this past weekend and panicked because she didn’t have a thing to wear! That’s never a great way to feel, and a little preparation can go a long way to ensure you look your best and feel confident and relaxed. Isn’t that a much better way to show up?

Many clients come to me with a closet filled with clothes, yet no strategic plan. Year after year they have added to their wardrobes without any real thought about how all the pieces would fit together, or with any kind of strategy. They’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars, but came away from their closet feeling desperate and depressed. This, of course, would lead to desperate shopping, which really only exacerbates the problem. Before you hit panic mode, start with a strategy that can help you know just what you need and what you should be buying right now:

1/ Identify the Monsters –

Don’t be scared! Approach them with confidence that there’s something better for you and just kick them to the curb – then bring them to us and we’ll donate on your behalf! Include anything that doesn’t fit, is ripped, stained, outdated, or that doesn’t make you feel amazing!

2/ Mine Your Closet –
There are always hidden gems amid the chaos! When you clear the clutter you can see these gems that may turn into new favorites.

3/ A Trick or Two –
Once you’ve pared down your closet, you may feel a moment of panic. Yikes! Where did all the clothes go? But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll quickly see that less is more and that what’s left in your closet is actually what you’re already wearing (usually only 20%).

4/ Treat Yourself –
Now it’s time to envision your perfect wardrobe. What’s missing? Make your shopping list and invest in some really great pieces that fit you like a glove and that you truly love! A new client came in the boutique all the way from upstate New York and treated herself to a whole new wardrobe that she felt amazing in – and we even helped her enjoy the experience after she was convinced she would always hate shopping!

5/ Polish it Off –
Now that you have your old favorites paired with some new ones, it’s time to create the finishing touch. Play ‘dress-up’ in your closet and find new outfits that mix the old and the new. Take selfies (feel free to share them over at Secrets of Style) to create an outfit catalog – you can also upload to Pinterest and create your own private “My Style” Board. Add in accessories, scarves, capes, jewelry, etc. and take your look to the next level.

Need help? Let our Stylista’s help you! You can bring in a few items from your closet and we’ll be happy to show you tops, bottoms or accessories that will complete your fall wardrobe and keep you looking fabulous! Contact us at 919-454-3068 or email me at Michele@stylefinderid.com to see how to rock your confidence, inside and out!

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