Is Your Wardrobe Like Junk Food?

If I asked you to describe the clothing hanging in your closet right now what words would come to mind? Nourishing, fulfilling and sensual? Or would it be better described as unsatisfying, disappointing and always leaves you wanting more. Now make a mental note of these words, thoughts and feelings and notice how you feel.

Many people joke about fast food saying there’s a secret ingredient that makes it addictive. While I’m not sure what goes into it, I’m pretty sure I know what’s missing – real, whole foods that nourish the body and leave you feeling great. After eating a fast food meal, although we’ve often surpassed our daily calorie and fat quota by a stretch, we’re still left wanting more because essential needs aren’t being met such as vitamins, minerals and just the feel good factor of having sat down to a nourishing meal and enjoyed it with the company of friends and family.

Your wardrobe can have the same effect. There’s no coincidence that cheap, mass-produced clothing is referred to as ‘fast fashion’. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive, much like a Happy Meal, but is too soon forgotten. It may not wash well or may pill more quickly than we’d like, leaving us to buy more clothing to replace it.

So what’s the remedy? Easy, my dear. A diet. But since I’m not a big fan of this four letter word I prefer to use the term ‘strategy’. Here is my remedy for a junk food wardrobe:

1/ First, Bust the Clutter

Go through your closet and weed out anything you can part with – items you no longer wear, those pieces that pilled after the first washing, those things that you just can’t bring yourself to wear out of the house. Take note of labels, how long you’ve owned the garment, and what attracted you to it in the first place. This will serve you well in the future.

2/ Assess What’s Left

Are there some good, nourishing core items in there that you forgot about? Did you find some hidden gems in the midst of the clutter? Or will you be starting from scratch to build a wardrobe that will really serve you and leave you feeling ‘satisfied’ every time?  Take it all in because this is where you are starting from a clean slate.

3/ Where Are the Holes?

I don’t mean in your sweaters, silly!  What I mean is what’s missing?  Where do you have gaps that need to be filled.  This can be an on-going list that you keep on hand in your closet. When you go to get dressed and have that “I wish I had a __” thought, write it down. Some of my best purchases have come from those very insights. Notice if you keep wishing for the same thing over and over (a great belt, a bold scarf, a chic jacket, etc) and you’ll begin to understand what you really desire from your wardrobe, and differentiate it from a fleeting ‘craving’.

4/ Go Shopping

Go alone, take your list and have a plan. You will buy what’s on your list. You will only entertain buying other items if they pass this test:

  • This item fits me very well, or I can easily have it altered (and am sure I will)
  • This item goes with at least 3 items I already own
  • This item is well made of quality fabric
  • This item can be worn for more than 1 season
  • I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it!

5/ Create a LookBook

When you return home with your new items, have fun with them. Play around and see how many outfits you can come up with, and if you need anything else to complete a look (keep a running list so you’ll always have a goal when you do have time to shop). Take pictures and remember those outfits that really make you feel more like you!

Taking time to build a wardrobe that’s filled with both quality items and a few fast food items that were bought with intention will serve you well. You’ll be assured have outfits that are ready at a moment’s notice and will leave you feeling comforted, satisfied and like everything’s going to be ok – much like a home cooked meal from mom.

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