Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring?

DSC_1636Spring is a HUGE time of year for your wardrobe to perform.  Looking on point and polished is essential to feeling great about yourself.  Yet after the winter doldrums you may not be feeling it.  Perhaps a few extra pounds, lack of pedicure and absence of color in your skin could be keeping you bundled up in your cozy winter clothes.

Shake off winter and get ready to bloom!  Spring is the time to let your light shine and show the world how gorgeous you are! Follow these steps to get yourself and your wardrobe spring-ready just in time for March!

1/ Clean Out Your Closet
Instead of just relying on last year’s spring wardrobe, take control of the situation.  I’ve created a great video series called ‘5 Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet’ (did I mention, it’s free?) that I’d love to share with you to help make this part of the process easy and fun.  Feel free to share with a friend!

2/ The Main Events
List everything that’s coming up this season that you need to be ‘dressed’ for.  This could include weddings, parties, work, date nights, charity events, networking events, luncheons and so on.  Determine what your needs are and what separates you can invest in that will create multiple outfits rather than blowing your budget on one new dress.

3/ Shop with Intention
I know many of you hate shopping, and that’s why we created StyleFinder.  When you shop, enlist the help of a professional (such as our stylista’s) who can help you build a wardrobe rather than just adding to the overwhelm that is your closet.  We can help you create a wardrobe capsule that gives you many options, meaning you need far fewer clothes than you think!

4/ The Icing on the Cake
Many women get so caught up in the fact that shopping is stressful that they forget to accessorize.  When it comes time to get dressed, they’re missing the perfect necklace, bracelet, belt, scarf, handbag or other item that would totally make the outfit.  This means you walk out feeling less than polished.  Don’t skip this step!

5/ The Finishing Touches
While you may not be at your ideal weight, fake it ’til you make it.  And in the meantime, have your hair and nails done.  Facial, too.  A little pampering and pretty-ing up will go a long way towards helping you feel put-together and looking great!

Want to experience shopping in a whole new way?  Simply stop by, or call for an appointment and one of our trained Stylista’s will be happy to assist you!  919-454-3068.  Style made simple.