It’s Time for a Style Revolution!

Fashion and style have always been a mirror to what’s going on in the world, and this year is one that will stand out for many reasons.  With all the changes that have come this year, women are feeling pulled to change themselves.

At the same time, the messages we’re getting in the media, in stores and from the fashion industry is often that we’re not thin enough, not young enough, not rich enough and not good enough.  And it’s time for that to STOP!

It’s time. Time for a Style Revolution!  Are you ready?

When I was thirteen I remember poring over my favorite fashion magazines,  drooling over the gorgeous, thin models wearing beautiful clothes that I could never afford.  While for a moment, it was as thrilling as a sugar high, the crash that followed was far worse than any sweet could induce.  I would grab the skin around my waist and curse my body for being ‘too fat’.  I had a closet filled with beautiful clothes that I loved, but I never felt that they were enough.  I’d look in the mirror and say hateful things to myself about my skin, my hair, and my very being.  In short, I felt I there was something wrong with me and my confidence hit rock bottom.

It took me 35 years to overcome this struggle, but once I made the decision to change, it happened in an instant.

Now that I am on the other side, I see the sad truth.  That many women and girls regularly struggle with the same thing. With feelings of self-hatred, feelings of being unworthy, and feelings of not being good enough.  And so much of that is perpetuated by the fashion industry, undermining women to make them feel as if they could never be thin enough, rich enough or young enough.

And it’s time for this to STOP!

I’m leading a movement, ya’ll!  Are you with me?  It’s time to start lifting each other up!  Time to start lifting ourselves up!  I see so many beautiful, amazing, talented women who only see that they’ve gained 20 pounds, that they’ve aged a few years, that they don’t have the money they’d like to spend on clothes.  Or maybe they’ve grown up feeling that they could never be beautiful, never be as ‘good’ as they thing they should be.

That’s NOT what it’s about.  It’s not about what you DON’T have, it’s about focusing on what you DO have!  It’s time to see things differently.

What if, instead of seeing that you’ve gained 20 pounds, you are grateful for your strong and capable body, with the curves of a real woman?

What if, instead of desperately wanting to get rid of your wrinkles, you saw them as something that you’ve earned over the years because of a life well lived and a lot of laughing and smiling?

What if, instead of feeling that you aren’t enough, that you put on your best outfit and your best smile and just be yourself?  Because the truth is, your authentic self is the only thing others want to see!

While it can seem to take years to become confident, it really only takes a moment.  I invite you to do something today to step into that feeling of being a confident, amazing woman!  Because that’s what you truly are.

Join me on February 16th for Secrets of Style: Style Revolution, a powerful event designed to help you learn how to discover your personal style, boost your confidence and be your very best YOU this year!