Jump Start Your Style in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to refresh and update your style.  Parties, travel, special occasions and other events are the perfect excuse to take your style to new heights.  But where to start? Sometimes a whole new look can feel overwhelming and you’re not even sure if you’re choosing the right look for you. While you want to look chic, you certainly don’t want to look silly! This fear is enough to keep you in a rut, right?  So I’m going to make it easy for you.  Just three easy steps to get you out of a rut and get you on the right path.  Take note.

Your image matters more than you may think.  Too often I hear women complain about their lack of style, how frumpy they feel and how they dislike shopping.  When you don’t feel good about your appearance, it affects your self-image and confidence on a deep level.  You hold back from doing things you’d really like to do because you don’t have the right clothes, or you don’t feel that you look good enough.  Well, we’re going to change all that right now.  Follow these 5 steps to quickly take your style to new heights and to see how beautiful you already are!

1/ A New Neutral:

If you’ve been a big wearer of black, find a new ‘neutral’ that works for you. It could be brown, camel, charcoal, ivory or even platinum, and wear it any way you’d wear black. It’s amazing how this one change can completely alter your look – not to mention your mood!

2/ Refresh Your Wardrobe with Color:

If you’ve shied away from the use of color in years past, let this be your year to shine! Choose a couple of colors that you love and you know look great on you and ease them into your wardrobe. Start with a simple top or an accessory. Our team can help you find the colors that make you shine!  Once you’re comfortable, you’re ready to sport a bright dress, jacket or skirt!

Hint: if it doesn’t feel like you, don’t wear it (or buy it)!

3/ Discover Your Style:

Do you know what your style is?  Too often women are simply guessing, or wearing what their friends wear, and it’s not really who they are.  Take the time out to discover what your true style is using our StyleFinder ID® mini style quiz or full StyleFinder ID® assessment and hone in on exactly what makes your style unique!  Then work to bring those elements into your style and see how amazing it makes you feel.

Also, be sure and ask yourself if your look is age-appropriate. As you age, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that our old standby doesn’t really do much for us anymore. When it doubt, cast it out.

4/ A New ‘Do:

A new hairstyle is a great place to start. Your hair can make or break your look and having a chic new style can invigorate a boring look, but it can also be enough to inspire you to change your clothing, your makeup and so on. To get the right look for you, clip pictures from magazines – but be realistic. A new cut and color will not make you look just like a model or celebrity, but more like a fabulous version of you!

5/ Say ‘YES’ to You:

If you’ve put everyone else first on your to-do list, I’d like to encourage you to make this the year that you put yourself first. Make appointments on your calendar for shopping, a mani/pedi, brow waxing, a personal style experience, whatever you need to feel great about your appearance and a little indulged to boot! Not only will your image reap the benefits, your whole attitude will shift because you’re owning your self-worth. See what magic begins to happen!

Come on in to StyleFinder Boutique and let us help you jump start your style!  Whether you sign up for a style package or simply want to find a few new items to boost your wardrobe, we can help!  Call us at 919-454-3068 or come into the boutique and see what amazing things we have in store for you!

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