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Kirsten Miller, Stylista and Certified Style Coach

I’d like to introduce our Stylista and recent Certified Style Coach, Kirsten Miller! Kirsten has been with StyleFinder Kirsten MillerBoutique since the very beginning and if you’ve had the chance to work with her, you know how excited and energetic she is when it comes to helping clients.

Kirsten’s StyleFinder ID® is Sporty/Romantic, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Impulsive”.

Words that describe her style are Energetic, Confident, Impetuous and her Style Statement is “Sexy Comfort”. I would say her look is best described as comfortable with a decidedly feminine edge.

Stop by StyleFinder Boutique and let Kirsten work her magic on you, or call the boutique (919-454-3068) to schedule a StyleFinder 101 session with Kirsten. Let her help you dress like you mean it!

Warm Hugs,