Look Fabulous for Less

Blackbird (1)Buying on sale can be a wardrobe-killer or a wardrobe-booster, depending on how you handle it. Often women who are avid sale shoppers spend much more in the long run, but aren’t building a wardrobe in the process. This results in overspending on a closet filled with clothes that you just can’t seem to make an outfit from.  Learning how to shop and knowing what to buy are key to mastering sales and allowing them to help you in building your perfect wardrobe rather than preventing you from having what you truly want. Don’t let sale become a 4-letter word. Instead, learn to leverage a sale as part of your wardrobe strategy and have clothes that you love to wear for years to come.

So what’s the remedy? Easy, my dear. A plan. I’m giving you my best tips for making the summer sales work FOR you and NOT Against You!

1/ Bust the Clutter

Go through your closet and weed out anything you can part with, items you no longer wear and those pieces that pilled after the first washing. Take note of labels, how long you’ve owned the garment, and what attracted you to it in the first place. This will serve you well in the future.

2/ Assess What’s Left

Are there some good core items in there that you forgot about? Did you find some hidden gems in the midst of the clutter? Or will you be starting from scratch to build a wardrobe that will really serve you and help you get dressed effortlessly every time?

3/ Determine Your Wants and Needs

This can be an on-going list that you keep on hand in your closet. When you go to get dressed and have that “I wish I had a __” thought, write it down. Some of my best purchases have come from those very insights. Notice if you keep wishing for the same thing over and over (a great tank, a colorful scarf, a go-to cardigan, etc) and you’ll begin to understand what you really desire from your wardrobe, and differentiate it from a fleeting ‘craving’.

4/ Go Shopping

Go alone, take your list and have a plan. Try to stick to the list, but be open to possibilities and buy only if you love it.  Summer is a wonderful time to find great bargains on wardrobe building blocks you can wear all year long!  But don’t settle for something that isn’t quite right and you’ll just have to replace in a few months, or worse, just hangs in your closet.  Only entertain buying items if they pass this test:

  • This item fits me very well, or I can easily have it altered (and am sure I will)
  • This item goes with at least 3 items I already own
  • This item is well made of quality fabric
  • This item can be worn for more than 1 season
  • I love it and can’t wait to wear it!

5/ All Together Now

When you return home with your new items, have fun with them. Play around and see how many outfits you can come up with, and if you need anything else to complete a look (keep notes in a style journal so you’ll always have a goal when you do have time to shop). Take note of those outfits that make you feel more like you!

Taking time to build a wardrobe that’s filled with quality items that were bought with intention will serve you well. You’ll be assured have outfits that are ready at a moment’s notice and you will learn the true joy of style made simple.

**Need help?  Stop into the boutique and let our Stylista’s guide you through the sale racks and help you to look fabulous for less!