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download-212x300Being beautiful is not about looking a certain way to please others.  It’s about bringing out the very best you, your authentic self.  It’s more than skin deep.  Beauty goes to your core and reflects who you are on the inside.  When you bring out the very best about you – inside and out – you create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s an equation that you can’t force, but must be stepped into authentically.
Stepping into your beauty is as much about stepping into a new mindset as it is a new wardrobe.  Dressing the part is only a piece of it, and when you step into a higher version of yourself you embrace your beauty and are ready to claim it.  Beauty is about an expansion that you feel when you give of yourself, and that expansion takes you to a whole new level.  When we can see the beauty in ourselves, we feel expansive and want to see the good and the beauty in those around us.  Our expansive attitude helps us to create the space for others to expand and step into their higher selves.  It’s not about competition, but more about inclusion.  It’s a win-win mentality that says you can be beautiful and everyone else can too!
I want to help you be beautiful from the inside out, just in time for spring!  Whether you’re trendy or not, keeping up with the season’s best trends is a wonderful way to keep your look current and avoid falling into a rut.  I invite you to treat yourself (or someone you love) to my “Love You” style package.  This package includes a private in-person or virtual
session with Mary Michele at the
 StyleFinder Boutique plus:
1/ StyleFinder ID Assessment and full report to determine your personal style
2/ Fabulous Five Color Assessment, your tool to choose your best colors
3/ Style Report with suggestions on hot styles, colors and looks to work into your wardrobe.
4/ Personal Style Journal with tips on how to wear color and much more!
5/ Personal shopping experience in the boutique with Mary Michele
Bonus: Receive daily affirmations for 30 days, and a $25 StyleFinder gift card to use in the Boutique.  Your investment is just $197 (a $497 value).  Book your session today by calling the Boutique at 919-454-3068
Hurry!  This offer expires on February 24, 2016.  Share with a friend or someone you love!

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