Makeover: Laura Phillips

Makeover: Laura Phillips

Wowza! It’s amazing what a little color and clothes that fit your shape can do! Our beautiful client, Laura, discovered she’s a Contrasting Dynamic Winter and looks best in bold, bright hues like this raspberry. The belt shows off her waistline and reins in the fullness. Laura’s StyleFinder ID is Classic/Romantic, Sporty and her Archetype is “The Sentimental”. Our new coach, Sandra did an amazing job styling Laura in looks that show off her true beauty! 

“Wow, I just spent the most fantastic day at StyleFinder Boutique in North Hills. Now, this isn’t the usual kind of store that I venture into, always thinking that the outfits were not “my” style. How wrong I was!
I went in for the StyleFinder 101 session with Sandra. She was amazing and we had an absolutely great time discovering my best colors. She patiently led me through each part of my session. I must admit, I learned a lot I didn’t know and had never even thought about. & thoughtful, it just made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. The best part is that I was given a style profile book to take with me whenever I go shopping so I can keep all of her great tips in mind.

Then it was on to the even more exciting phase; trying on a lot of gorgeous outfits! There were so many choices and all of them were beautiful. Your style coach brings you complete outfits based on your particular StyleFinder ID®. My coach, Sandra, was so attentive about everything down to the last detail. She showed me how to really make any outfit shine with just simple necklaces and belts arranged in interesting ways. Plus, all of the outfits she picked out were spot on for my particular body type! The proprietress, Michele, was so gracious and always right there to lend an experienced hand or eye if we needed her.

Everyone was so friendly! All in all, it was an excellent experience that truly made me feel like I was ‘the belle of the ball’. I never knew I could look so polished!

If you get a chance, you have to try this cozy scene out – you will learn so much that you can use way beyond the initial adventure. Not to mention the fact that you get to try on lovely clothes while having an absolutely incredible time in a shop that feels more like a girl’s afternoon out with your besties than shopping. I had an absolutely amazing time and will definitely be back for my next shopping trip.”
– Laura Phillips

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