Mother/Daughter Makeover

Daughters typically learn about style from their mothers.  But as their mothers age, their bodies change and they often lose touch with what’s in style.  And who do they turn to most often?  Their daughters.  But life often gets in the way, leaving the daughter to feel frumpy and out of style.  When the two can have a personal style experience together to boost not only their style but their confidence, it can be a powerful combination.

Susan & Johanna, before, feeling frumpy and grumpy

Meet Susan and Johanna Ely.  When this mother/daughter duo found themselves feeling frumpy and grumpy at the same time, but at very different phases of their lives, it was time to do something.  What they needed was a makeover.  And what better than to have them experience a Mother/Daughter makeover at StyleFinder Boutique?

Susan is feeling much more ‘her’ now!

Susan is a lovely mid-60s motivational blogger and speaker with 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  Several years ago her husband had a pulmonary embolism, and caring for him has left little time or money to devote towards looking good.  She found herself feeling overweight, out of touch and in need of a boost. 

Johanna showing off her playful side!

Johanna designs some of the most gorgeous jewelry around!  As a single mom, she juggles her home-based business (Good Girls Studio) with her 17 year old son and 18 month old daughter.  With a self-described mom-bod and a larger than normal bustline due to nursing, Johanna was feeling tired, frustrated and frumpy.

Susan and Johanna arrived at StyleFinder excited and a little nervous.  Both struggle to dress in an age appropriate, yet youthful way.  They were each ready to step outside their comfort zone and try some new things.  But first, we needed to discover what was right for them.

I was excited to take them both through our StyleFinder 101 System, starting with a personal color analysis.  Both mom and daughter wear a similar size and it turned out that they share clothes quite often (lucky them!).  After discovering each of their seasonal color harmonies – Johanna is a Contrasting Winter and looks best in bold jewel tones, charcoal and black, and Susan is a True Summer and looks best in muted tones, taupe and shades of gray – we discussed the colors that would be the best for them to share and which ones they needed to own individually.

Next we discussed body type.  This is where so many women get tripped up, but I find that it’s where most of the mistakes are made.  When women dress for the body they have, then can rock their style like a boss!  Susan is curvy with an Hourglass figure.  She looks best in clothing that shows her shape and accentuates her waist.  She prefers clothing that is not very fitted but that gently skims the body.

Johanna is an Apple and is challenged with her bustline.  I showed her how to use color to downplay her upper body and to layer to create a long, lean silhouette. 

Susan’s StyleFinder ID Archetype is “The Easy Going”

Next, we discussed their personal style.  Susan’s StyleFinder ID® is Natural/Sporty, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Easy Going”.  This means that what’s most important to her is wearing clothing that is relaxed, feels good on the body and has an element of surprise.  Johanna was similar, but different: Whimsical/Sporty, Romantic and her Archetype is “The Clever”.  What’s most important to her is wearing something unexpected.  Comfort is also key, but her look needs to have an undeniable femininity that keeps her feeling like herself.  Both women want comfort and surprise, yet each wear things in a very different way.  I told them to go ahead and share, but be sure to put your own spin on things.

Anne shows Johanna how makeup can make her look well-rested

Upon trying on one of her ‘new’ outfits and having her makeup done (Ann Teicher of Trish McEvoy), Susan lit up for the camera!  Photographer, Elizabeth Galecke, was able to capture her true essence.  You can tell she has embraced her ‘new’ look and is loving it!

This gorgeous violet blue is radiant on Johanna

Johanna was excited to wear color, as she had been wearing mostly black and feeling blah.  She has a hard time finding blouses that fit, but we found several great tops and a wonderful long vest that elongated her body and make her look fabulous.  Add in a pair of skinny cropped pants and she has a simple look that is put-together, but also comfortable and chic.  Her own jewelry set it off beautifully.  She was most excited about her makeup when Ann helped her to look ‘awake’ after not sleeping very well due to her daughter being sick. 

Aren’t they gorgeous?

As part of our charitable organization, IAB Foundation (I am Beautiful) we gifted them each with $100 towards clothing.  Both Susan and Johanna told us how beautiful we made them feel and it was our pleasure to work with these amazing ladies.  The best part was when they walked out the door with a smile on their face, and both sent me a message telling me how amazing they felt.  It’s just another day in the life of a Style Coach!

Originally published in Triangle Style Magazine.

To learn more about our Mother/Daughter makeovers or the IAB Foundation, contact StyleFinder Boutique at 919-454-3068.

All photos by Elizabeth Galecke Photography.

5 Reasons to have a makeover with your mom:

1/ You’ll have the perfect shopping buddy.

2/ Your mom will stop nagging you to dress how she wants you to dress (and you’ll stop trying to get her to dress like you.)

3/ You’ll each discover what’s right for you – and why!

4/ It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect and spend time together.

5/ You’re there to see her emerge looking and feeling beautiful! 

Call today and schedule your Mother/Daughter Makeover – just in time for Mother’s Day – and you’ll each receive a $25 gift certificate. 919-454-3068.

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