Clear Out Your Closet in Just 10 Mins a Day

The Secret...

The secret to Closet Clarity lies in simple, easy-to-fit-in, tasks performed each day at your own pace. We have found that women were shocked by how much money they were wasting on clothes they didn't wear and how quickly their "getting-dressed routine" improved as their confidence and energy soared. The results were astounding!

Now that I am armed with knowledge about myself and my style, shopping has become a focused and purposeful activity. I feel like a new, empowered and confident woman. Thank you StyleFinder!” - Maunette Tait

DIY Closet Organization

Closet Clarity is the at-home program from StyleFinder's successful Closet Clarity Private Sessions.The 10-minute-a-day plan is designed for women who have little time to manage their wardrobe but want to clear out their closets, organize their clothes, and get dressed without the stress, all while saving time and money.

Closet Clarity can help you end the frustration of picking out what to wear and help you look your best everyday. It might have taken you years to amass that closet full of clothes (some items still with the tags on them), but it will take only 10 minutes a day to clear it out and get on with what matters to you in life.

Meet Mary Michele Nidiffer


Mary Michele has over 25 years in the fashion and style industry. From making hats and dresses, to helping build the self-confidence of hundreds of women, she has done it all. She created the StyleFinder ID system, which is the foundation of her successful women's boutique in Raleigh. As a wife, a mother to four kids, and a business owner she understands that knowing what to wear and how to wear it can be not only frustrating, but a drain on time, energy, and money.