Clear Your Closet in Just 10 Minutes a Day

From the Style Made Simple Series

Thanks for joining the Style Club. Below is the free course, how to clear your closet in 10mins a day. We hope you enjoy the session as much as we enjoyed putting this together.  Be on the look out for the Secret Power of Accessories and Wardrobe Building Block video series out soon. 

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Step 1: Clear the Clutter

Step 2: Sort

Step 3: Let It Go

Step 4: Lookbook

Step 5: Mind the Gaps


About the Mary Michele, Master Style Coach

Mary Michele Nidiffer is passionate about empowering women through personal style, helping them discover how beautiful they really are. As a Master Style Coach, Founder of StyleFinder Boutique and Creator of the StyleFinder ID® System, she knows firsthand that you can be pleased with nothing if you are not pleased with yourself and is committed to creating resources to educate and empower women to look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

Mary Michele has spent a lifetime being fascinated with personal style, and cultivating a style of her very own. She began sewing at the age of 6, learning from her mother and crafting beautiful outfits for her Barbie dolls from her mom’s fabric scraps.

Michele graduated from UNC-G with a degree in Apparel Arts and, after several years of creating custom wedding gowns in her apartment, launched her line of ready-to-wear and hats in New York in 1996. In 1997 she opened her very first boutique in downtown Raleigh called Head Over Heels, and sold hats, clothing, shoes and custom designs.

In 2008 Michele set out to become a style coach to help women understand exactly what to wear for who they are. She worked closely with clients to help them discover their style, their coloring, how to dress for their body type and more. She shopped with her clients, and got into their closets.

At the heart of StyleFinder is our proprietary StyleFinder ID® Personal Style Assessment. Developed by Mary Michele Nidiffer in 2010, this innovative assessment gets to the very essence of a woman’s true style. Each client receive her
StyleFinder ID®, made up of three power words. The first two words are combined to create an Archetype, giving insight into what’s most important to a woman in what she wears and how she can embrace her style in an authentic way.

In 2010, she created her proprietary StyleFinder ID® System to give her clients a tool to tap into their own authentic style and create an image that is meaningful and to help women feel more connected to who they are, while stepping into the best version of themselves.

With more than two decades of experience in the fashion industry, Mary Michele opened her flagship StyleFinder Boutique in 2015 with her husband, Jim to help women learn to love shopping again.

In July 2017, StyleFinder relocated to North Hills and is located in the Lassiter, behind Sur la Table.

Mary Michele is a Master Style Coach, speaker and author and lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, four children and dog, Ellie. She currently writes for Triangle Style Magazine and is the style editor for Wake Living Magazine. Her own StyleFinder ID® is Dramatic/Romantic, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Sensualist”. She loves yoga, red wine, coffee, cooking, spending time with her family, dark chocolate, travel, living life authentically and empowering women through personal style.