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Wear color with confidence!

Color is the first thing people notice and i can be a powerful tool to help you feel confident and look fabulous.

A personal color analysis will help you wear color with confidence.

“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you!”

Mood Booster
Dopamine dressing has become a popular trend, and there's no better way to boost your mood than with a shot of color.  Discover what colors will elevate your image and your mood!
Look Slimmer
Color can help you to visually take off pounds, looking slimmer and more vibrant.  Don't lose weight - just change the colors that you're wearing!
Bored With Black?
Are you wearing black because you don't know what else to wear?  It's time you discovered once and for all the colors that are right for you.  Learn new neutrals as well as your best brights that put all eyes on you!

A Personal Color Analysis is right for you if:

- You have a closet filled with black because you don’t know what else to wear

- You struggle when it comes to color and always default to the same old thing

- You want to feel more confident about your color choices

- You wish shopping were easier

- You want to look and feel your best

- You go shopping and end up with another pair of black pants…do you REALLY need more?

- You just wish you had a simple plan for getting dressed

Something shifted for me with this color reboot

“…and has struck a chord to my very core. I am a quiet introvert at heart. Yesterday discovering my [summer] colors was reuniting with part of my inner self. My word for what I experienced is validation. Realizing now that I have some inner work to do with expressing my true self…The colors are the icing on the cake. Thank you for being the catalyst. Your work is truly validating and inspiring. It has been so interesting to have the intellectual side of this process…and now it has moved to the heart. Xoxo” – S.T.

What a Color Analysis Can Do For You

You’ll discover:

- Your seasonal color harmony – winter, spring, summer, autumn

- What colors work for you and what to stay away from

- Your Fabulous 5 Color Capsule to make shopping a snap

- The colors that will light you up and make you look more vibrant

- How to bring color into your wardrobe – so easy anyone can do this


- You’ll also receive a seasonal color capsule to help you know what to wear when the seasons change

- The colors to focus on in your makeup

- The colors that make your eyes pop

- The colors that light your skin and hair up

- A virtual Zoom consultation with coaching from Mary Michele to learn more about using your Personal Color Profile and ask any questions you may have.  

How To Get Color Confident in 3 Easy Steps

1. After you sign up, you'll receive instructions on submitting your photos. 

2. So I can get to know you better, there will also be a short questionnaire to complete.  

3. When your photos and information are received, you'll receive your Personal Color Profile, including your seasonal color harmony, your 30+ best colors, and your Fabulous 5 Color Capsule.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion.

Then be sure to join us for our monthly Zoom with Mary Michele to learn more about using your Personal Color Profile and ask any questions you may have.  

“Thanks for a great session yesterday. It was so eye-opening! I had 3 people today comment on my hair color – as you said they would. It was amazing! I am loving my new pieces and knowing my best colors makes such a difference in how I dress! You have made such adifference to me and I can’t thank you enough.” – Ravila G.


How long is the process? 

After you have sent in your information the process takes about 2 weeks until you are color confident. 

Do you work with woman outside the US?

YES!, I have clients in countries around the world!  The principles I teach are universale. 

Can I do this virtually?

YES! I have worked with clients all over the world with great success. You will be guided through the color analysis process and will have a great experience. 

Do my colors change with the seasons?

In short, no.  However, the colors you wear in spring and summer may differ from those worn in fall/winter.  You'll receive color capsules that are appropriate for each season, that are in your best colors.