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Get curated outfits hand-picked for your body, life, and style delivered to your door with TEALbox. Take the stress out of getting dressed while feeling fabulous and looking confident. 

TEALbox is the ultimate done-for-you style delivery service.  


Trusted by 8K+ Clients

Stree-free Dressing

We'll show you what to wear and how to wear it

Love It ❤️  Guarantee 

Love It, Keep it or 

Hate it. Send it back

Your Morning Routine Just Got Easier

TEALbox gives you the freedom to look fabulous without the frustration and stress


Save Time & Money

Never again will you buy clothes that don't serve you. Take the guesswork out of knowing what to wear and how to wear it. Each TEALbox will contain curated items selected for your unique Style attributes.


Gain Confidence & 
Wardrobe Clarity

Feel confident knowing the clothes in your closet are right for you.  Having clarity about what clothes are right for you takes the stress out of getting dressed. 


Know What To Wear & How to Wear It

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it makes getting dressed easy. Carefully curated outfits by our certified Stylists take the guesswork out of wearing the perfect outfit for your body. Look put together, fabulous, and polished with little effort.

6 Key Benefits Of TEALbox

Know what to wear & How to wear it for your body


Get dressed without the stress when you have outfits hand-picked for you


Save time, money, and frustration. Have more time for the things you enjoy



Helps you feel fabulous and look confident 


Have a closet you love to spend time in


No commitment or subscription boxes to send back full of clothes you hate

How TEALbox works

Your Path to a Closet Full of Clothes You Love

Book a Style Session

Schedule a 30min session with a certified Stylist.

We'll talk about any fashion frustrations, review your StyleID attributes, and share some style tips on dressing for the body you have right now.

Review Your Lookbook

Have your curated delivered right to your inbox

Your Stylista will curate outfits based on your session. Not only will you get a curated Lookbook, but also you'll get a personalized video from the Stylist explaining details, so you know what to wear and how to wear it.

Get Only What You Love

Your TEALbox will be sent right to your front door.

After reviewing your personalized Teal Lookbook at your leisure, you decide what items you want and which you'll take a pass on. No longer will your excitement turn to disappointment when you pull things from your style box.

What Our Customers LOVE About TEALbox

Meet Your Stylist

Meet Mary Michele, Master Stylist

I'm on a mission to help women discover how to get dressed fast, all while looking put-together and feeling fabulous.

I know firsthand the frustration women face when getting dressed each day. Heck, sometimes even I have to spend a few minutes figuring out my outfit of the day. It happens. As a Master Style Coach, boutique owner, and creator of the StyleID Success System, I've worked with thousands of women to help them know what to wear and how to wear it. And I want to help you get dressed effortlessly too.

My info:

54 yoa

Sizes: 12/L on top, 10 on bottom

StyleID: Dramatic/Classic

Height: 5'9.5"

Meet Camellia, Head Stylist

I'm passionate about helping women feel fabulous in the right clothes for their bodies. As a formal model, I understand the pressure put on women to look put together. I'm here to make it easy for you to get dressed effortlessly.

My info:

31 yoa

Sizes: M/L on top, 10 on bottom

StyleID: Contemporary 

Height: 5'11"


What is TEALbox

TEALbox is a done-for-you-style solution. Our mission is to help women feel confident and put together using our proprietary StyleID Success system so you can get dressed without the stress in 5 minutes or less. Get curated looks sent directly to you for FREE*.

How does it work?

Book a session with a stylist of your choice. Over video chat, you and your stylist will go over your fashion frustrations and style attributes. After the call, the stylist will curate a collection of outfits just for you, your style, and life. The stylist will record a video explaining the outfits, why they are best for you, and how to wear them. You'll get an email with your Lookbook and video attached. As you enjoy your new looks, click on the items you want to purchase. After you complete your purchase, our team will gather your order and ship it directly to your door.

How much does TEALbox personal styling cost?

Your first style session is $49. This covers the your personal virtual style session, a personal outfit styling video, and your curated Lookbook. After your session, a $25 account credit will added to your account to get your start. 

To keep the party going, each month you'll have the option to receive a new Lookbook. There is no commitment or recurring charge.  You will be billed a $25 styling fee each time we send you a Lookbook.

You buy directly from your Lookbook, avoiding the hassle of packing and shipping items you don't want. The $25 will be added to your account as a store credit. You can use it on items in your Lookbook or any purchase you make on Each $25 styling fee credit expires five days from the date of issue and is not refundable.

How much do items in my TEALbox cost?

Items in your box cost $60 and up depending on your spending preferences that you indicate in your style profile. You only pay for the things you buy. Shipping is free over $75.

When am I charged for the personal styling fee?

You will be billed a $25 styling fee each time we send you a Lookbook. The $25 is added to your account as a store credit. You can use it on items in your Lookbook or any purchase you make on Each $25 styling fee credit expires five days from the date of issue and is not refundable. Styling fee credits can not be combined or credited to past orders.

How can I checkout?

Once you receive your Lookbook, review the items and select the items you love. You'll be taken to the product page to choose your size and color.

How long do I have to try everything on?

Starting from the date your TEALbox is delivered, you have 14 days to try on all the pieces in the comfort of your own home. Any items that don't fit or you'd like to exchange, send them back to us for store credit or return to your original form of payment.

Can I skip a month?

Yes, you can skip a month, a season, or a season. But that's a long time to wear the same outfit. You are not charged a styling fee unless you request a Lookbook. If you want a Lookbook, click the button to request a Lookbook. About once a month, you'll receive a TEALbox reminder email. If you don't need anything fabulous that month ignore the email or write back to say Hi. That's cool too.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to see you go. Submit your cancellation request by unsubscribing from the TEALbox email list. You will receive one last email confirming your cancellation before we grab a box of tissue and huddle in the corner for a good cry. Don't make us cry. ;-)