Annelise Skinny Jeans

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These sweet, chic, slimming Annelise Skinny Jeans from Liverpool will fit just right! It's hard not to feel fabulous when you have the perfect shape hugging around every curve!


4: Waist- 27inches, Hip- 14inches, Rise-9.5 inches, Inseam-29inches

6: Waist- 28 inches, Hip- 15 inches, Rise- 9.5inches, Inseam-29 inches

8: Waist- 29inches, Hip- 15inches, Rise- 10inches, Inseam- 29inches

10: Waist- 30inches, Hip-15.5 inches, Rise- 10.5inches, Inseam-29 inches

12: Waist- 31inches, Hip- 16inches, Rise- 11inches, Inseam- 29inches

14: Waist-32 inches, Hip-17 inches, Rise- 11inches, Inseam-29 inches